Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tocca Florence

Named after the fourth largest city in Italy re-known for its art and architecture, Tocca Florence beautifully defines femininity. The city of Florence can be described as intellectual, artistic, spiritual, cultured, charismatic, collected and well-spoken. In thinking about the plethora of notable figures who contributed to Italian history such as the Medici family, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Florence Nightingale, all of whom resided in Florence, it is no wonder Tocca created a fragrance dedicated to this majestic city.

Tocca Florence is the epitome of a civilized and luxurious tea at a posh hotel with a view. Ladies in frilly dresses abound wearing large hats and dressy sandals who speak about literature, culture and art. With notes of Italian bergamot, blue iris, crushed violet petals and blonde wood, Tocca Florence is utterly wearable, completely sophisticated and undeniably frou-frou. Not to be worn for those who abhor smelling girly, the notes merge to create a fragrance that is slightly sweet, mostly floral and somewhat fruity but not overly so. Its sillage is quite adequate as I have noticed the scent garners compliments every time I wear it.

If for no other reason than to own the gorgeous bottle, I highly recommend purchasing Tocca Florence. The Eau de Parfum comes alive when combined with the lightly scented body lotion, a magical blend of Centifolia, the old European garden rose, and root of the iris or orris root.

Tocca Florence can be purchased at or, 1.7 fl oz. retails for $68. The body lotion or Crema de Corpo is available at, 8 0z. for $28.
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violetnoir said...

T, great minds think alike, because I am wearing Florence body cream (I love it!) under my sample of the EdP that I received in my gift bag at Sniffa.

I don't know if I love the fragrance quite as much as you do (and it appears you really do!), but I love the body cream. It is rich and creamy without being in the least bit greasy.

The fragrance that I liked better was the new Cleopatra. I wonder when that debuts? I hope it's soon.


ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hello R!

So nice to see you. I was wondering if maybe you were on vacation. Glad to hear you love the body cream. This is one line where the bath and body products match the quality of the EDP's.

I love the Cleopatra body cream as well and was so pleased to get an entire jar of it at the Sniffa! I believe the fragrance is launching in May. At least that is what I wrote in my notes.

I definitely love Florence, frou-frou and all. :-) It smelled wonderful on you, from what I recall so I assume you smell terrific today.

Hugs to you!

violetnoir said...

May, huh?

Oh well...too much delayed gratification. :)

Now I am waiting for Cleopatra, as well as Beauty and MDCI FK #3 to arrive.

Add to that the fact that Ellie D is only sold at Bendels and is expensive, so I have to save up my pennies.

How frustrating is all of this to a devoted perfumeista?


ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Ah, delayed gratification is indeed difficult for us perfume obsessed people. ;-)


chayaruchama said...

Love your banter, girls- and that lovely bottle...

The jus smells pretty on me, but doesn't fit .
Too bad, because it's affordable...
Did someone say Cleopatra?
Maybe THAT one...

Have a good w/e, pretty ones !

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Pretty!! Yes! Tocca Florence is so pretty.

You could like Cleopatra. I can't wait to hear if you do!

You have a good weekend Chaya Ruchama!