Thursday, March 15, 2007

Zenadora Paris

Balsamic. Feminine. Sensual. Spicy. All of these adjectives correctly describe the diamond in the rough scent I present to you today, Zenadora Paris. A highly resinous blend, seven of the nine notes in Zenadora offer some reference to trees and plants. The notes include elemi (resin from trees), rose petals, raspberry, incense, patchouli, Guaiac wood, cistus (evergreen shrub), myrrh and benzoin. The result produces an amber-like, sensual, slightly spicy scent that vaguely reminds me of the fabulous carnation wonder Caron Bellodgia. Zenadora, however, is less sweet and slightly drier, definitely in a class all its own. The rose petals and raspberry add interest and curves to the wood composition, denoting sensuality and feminity.

I find it very wearable. Interestingly, resinous scents always scream “dressier occasions” to me, those moments when I want to make a statement and be noticed, not only with what I am wearing but also with my scent. I picture Zenadora on a stylish, edgy woman, one who is not afraid to buck trends or flow with them and who is comfortable with being a unique individual.

This fragrance does stay fairly close to the skin when dabbed and I imagine when sprayed it will be glorious. For those who like spicy, floral oriental scents, Zenadora is a must try!

Zenadora Paris EDP is available at A 100mL bottle retails for $95.

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linda said...

Ooooh! This sounds good, T -- I love those woody scents! Definitely one I'd like to try. Today I'm enjoying FM Iris Poudre. :) Have a great day! Think this weekend or next might be a good time to go sniff? I'd still like to check out the AG line and find that place that carries iPdF...

chaya ruchama said...

Well, my beauty-
This sounds like a good one to try...
I'll have to sample it soon.
Hope you're well-hugs to you !

TMH256 said...


You have to try this one! Beautyhabit has a very generous sampling program, you can order 6 samples of whatever scents you would like to try or they'll send you 6 with an order - just specify which ones you'd like in the notes on the order page.

Next weekend, the 24th-25th would be a great time to go sniff. Let's make a plan and head to Biltmore.

You smell great by the way!


TMH256 said...

Chaya Ruchama,

Hello wise one! I agree. Zanadora is certainly a good one to take for a spin. :-)

All is well here. Hugs to you too!


Nancy Heggemeier said...

i was not able to find zendora paris at Have you seen it any
where else. I love this product and am
running out of it. Thanks

TMH256 said...


I can't find it either and I am so sorry about this. The only one I can find is a decant here on Emily's Wares at Perfume Posse. This is truly a remarkable scent and I hope its production hasn't ceased!