Sunday, March 25, 2007

Keiko Mecheri Myrrhe & Merveilles

With spring and warmer weather upon us, I realize that I may be bold in speaking about a fragrance containing myrrh, however I am so moved by this stellar bouquet I must discuss it. Thanks to the lovely, generous woman who gifted me with this sample, I am thoroughly enjoying its nuances today.

The Beverly Hills based house of Keiko Mecheri is considered exquisite and unique, and her Eaux des Parfums refined, unusual and original. Until now, my favorite of her collection has been Osmanthus, a delicate soli-floral. I had not heard of her Oriental collection although I had tried, without luck, the ever so popular member of Les Orientales, Loukhoum. Myrrhe & Merveilles, another Les Orientales, contains notes of, you guessed it … myrrh … followed by hesperides, jasmine, white almond, balsamic notes, and powdery musk. Although myrrh is somewhat pronounced just after spraying, it does not headline the experience. Therefore, I am confused by the comparisons I have read to Serge Lutens La Myrrhe since I do not find the two resembling each other at all. Instead, what I have found in Myrrhe & Merveilles is an incredibly soft, billowy cushion of a scent, redolent of baby’s skin, cotton throws and the scent of earth after a light rain shower.

The entire composition is slightly heavy so I will not keep it in rotation for summer. The almonds render it faintly sweet but balsam and musk maintain sweetness to just a whisper. Gourmand fragrances historically have caused some wrinkling of my nose in disdain. I find this one, with its abundance of almonds, quite palatable yet I would not categorize Myrrhe & Merveilles as gourmand. Come to think of it, I am having difficulty categorizing it at all. Nonetheless, for a cozy day at home resting and preparing food, Myrrhe & Merveilles is quite perfectly comfy. I imagine this fragrance to be popular among those favoring unique, soft skin scents.

Keiko Mecheri Myrrhe & Merveilles is available on and A 2.5 oz. bottle retails for $80.

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chayaruchama said...

Hello, dearheart.
How are things going with your grandmother ?

Was the KM Myrrhe too strong for you ?
Many come out quite aggressively, then soften, and they're hard to spray just right.

I love this, because it is so clean- it layers very well with several others, but not an experiment you want to try when you're going to work- lol.

A lovely review !
Kisses to you.

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Good Morning Chaya Ruchama,

How nice to hear from you. I thoroughly enjoyed the KM Myrrhe and can see wearing it often. I didn't find it strong or offensive but rather soft and comforting. I can imagine it layers quite well and in fact, I thought of that yesterday! With what do you enjoy layering it?

My grandmother is doing much better, out of ICU and beginning to walk. All of the prayers and healing thoughts have worked as she is healing quickly. Thank you so much for asking. You are such a dear friend.

Have a wonderful day.

Kisses & hugs,

chayaruchama said...

Try Fleur de Peau or Loukhoum, even the Jasmin or Bois de Santal.

I'm grateful that things are improving for your family...

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Thank you Chaya Ruchama. Great suggestions! I am very grateful as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm a POLer who found your blog while googling for the Keiki Mecheri Myrrhe fragrance. I just tried a sample vial which is at least 4 years old. It's beautiful, rich, exquisite. Myrrhe & Merveilles is not as dry as SL's La Myrrhe.

I think I would wear this type of fragrance because the evaporation factor would leave a lovely soft creamy drydown.

Anonymous said...

The drydown goes into taffy/candy: HATE IT NOW.

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hello Morticia,

So glad you found my blog and are enjoying it! And I'm sorry this scent morphed into taffy/candy on you. Yuck! I found it ironically soft/rich, but not something I would wear out because it's simply not me.