Monday, February 19, 2007

Apothia Velvet Rope

Gary McNatton of Through Smoke Creative eloquently summarized the inspiration for this fragrance at the Los Angeles Sniffapalooza. Most of you will know Mr. McNatton as the nose of Grass and Heaven fragrances, popularized by the Gap in the 199o's. Remember the linear perfection of Grass? The freshness of Heaven? Or perhaps, you utilize Method home products. Yup, Mr. McNatton is again your guy. But I digress. Back to the original subject - his inspiration for Velvet Rope. While on a business trip to Europe, he sipped a vanilla martini enjoying the dry vanilla-ness of it and staring at the icy rim, he wondered, "What if I could make a dry vanilla fragrance?" He asked the question of Ron Robinson at Apothia and the two moved on to develop what has become Velvet Rope.

The smell of Velvet Rope surrounded me as I entered Fred Segal the morning of February 1oth. Oblivious to the fact that it was being blown through a machine to set the mood for the event, I just wondered how the folks at Fred Segal all managed to smell so good! When I discovered the amazing fragrance was Velvet Rope, I absolutely had to get my hands on some.

As I test it, I find it a rather unique and interesting vanilla fragrance. The grapefruit topnote strikes my nose immediately after spraying and because I love citrus in fragrance, I find it very appealing. After an hour or two, what remains is indeed a dry vanilla fragrance, completely different from any other vanilla I've tried. Now I should mention that I love vanilla notes. I can wear anything from straight up French Vanilla to iPdF Vaniglia de Madagascar and even the CSP super sweet vanillas. So while I do find this intriguing, dry and unique, Velvet Rope unfortunately has very little endurance in the EDP formulation. Fortunately, a body lotion and body oil are available and I'll reserve comment until I can try those. What I do experience for an hour, however, is quite lovely and appealing.

Please submit your name for a drawing of a sample of this interesting fragrance. I will select the winner randomly from entries submitted by Wednesday, February 21st.

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Velvet Rope EDP retails for $75 for 50mL, $30 for 15mL, $58 for .33 oz oil, $33 for 8 oz. of body lotion. A candle is also available for $35.


Gail S said...

Hmmm......I have read about the Apothia fragrances but hadn't taken the plunge into trying to get my hands on samples. I do love grapefruit. Combining it with vanilla sounds unusual, so please do enter me in your drawing.

Victoria said...

Love Velvet Rope! I bought the parfum roll-on when they gave the sniffa discount. Lovely!

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Gail you are in the drawing! Victoria, is the roll on the oil? If so, how is the lasting power?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Tamara, you must try the roll-on oil! It's my favorite form of VR, and it lasts all day on my skin. I just love the sweet patch in the drydown.

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

You have made my day! Thank you, thank you. And to think I grabbed the roll on for one second and put it back on the shelf!

violetnoir said...

Yes, T, you must go for the roll-on oil. I love it! I smell the fresh grapefruit top-note as it mingles with the deeper vanilla and "martini" notes. Just so sensuous.


ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Violet, I am positively salivating. Good to know and thank you.

Fragrant hugs to all

Anonymous said...

I would love to try a drier vanilla.

I've tried CSP's Vanille, Amour de Cacao (which, I'm sorry is more vanille than cacao!), and Tiare, all of which scream sweet vanilla.

Un Bois Vanilla by S. Lutens is a drier, woody vanille that might be a good match. I don't know, but I'd like to find out!


ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

You are entered in the drawing. This is lighter than Un Bois Vanille and yet still a dry vanilla. Have a wonderful day.


Unknown said...

Another vanilla fan! VR sounds really interesting. I wonder if the grapefruit makes it more wearable in warm weather. Please enter me in your drawing.


ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...


You are entered! :-)