Thursday, May 16, 2013

M. Micallef Ylang in Gold Review

Hello strangers!  It has been interesting to watch my dabbling in perfume over the last few years.  Young children tend to throw a wrench in time devoted to hobbies and passions, especially when adding full-time work to the mix.  My love of perfume remains constant, even when I have no time to write.  I continue to sample, collect, admire and indulge in perfume.  Most recently, I had the pleasure of attending Sniffapalooza Spring Fling in New York City.  It completely submersed me into the world of perfume and inspired new writing. Thank you to team Karen for arranging such a fantastic excursion!

I found many fragrances to love while shopping, literally until I dropped, in New York.  I look forward to reviewing each of them over the next few months.  But none of them move me like this beauty.  A stunning mixture of ylang ylang (think tropics), vanilla, magnolia, coconut and musk, this fragrance embraces the skin for an entire day.  A sweet floral, M. Micallef Ylang in Gold inspires me to let loose the reins on self-control and rather enjoy the pleasant surprises in each day.  Treating myself to an ice cream cone, a dip in the pool, or a nap under a shady tree, or simply staying present to each moment is easier when wearing this sweet, happy scent.  I deem it appropriate for any occasion; perhaps most appropriate with sandals, suntan lotion and everything surrounding those two.

Years ago I reviewed three scents from this house which I adored.  Although I can no longer find those, I see M. Micallef has evolved their packaging, their blending and their marketing.  I found this beauty at Osswald which is quite possibly the most inspiring showcase of fragrance I have ever set eyes on.  If you do not like perfume, you most certainly will after stepping foot into this wonderful store in New York City.  With M. Micallef showcasing their fragrances at Osswald, the house has certainly set their sights on an upscale, luxurious market catered to fragrance aficionados.  This particular aficionado is forever grateful.