Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fragrances of a Feather Flock Together

I have often noticed that several fragrances in my collection smell suspiciously interchangeable to one another. Usually it is a fleeting thought that I do not investigate. However, this week my curiosity got the best of me so I began to systematically test and sniff various fragrances and explore patterns of similarity. Of those tested, one particular group stands out as being so incredibly similar that I must share it with you.

These three fall into the category of romantic floral. All three of them combine rose and fruit with a beautiful amber or musk base, so if you are not into those notes .. well ... my experiment will be lost on you. For those who do love a light, casual fruity-rosey-amber fragrance, you may be surprised and relieved. One of the group is fairly expensive (even on discount sites), one has unfortunately been discontinued and another one is available deeply discounted, so why not pop for the discounted one and count your blessings? They are as follows:

Flowerbelle Rouse = Stella McCartney Stella = Chopard Wish Pink Diamond

Let us explore these gems a bit further, shall we?

Flowerbelle Rouse was raved about a few years ago by Parfums de Rosine fans looking for a less expensive alternative to Un Zest de Rose. With notes of orange, bergamot, jasmine, rose, lily of the valley and musk, it begins zestier than Stella but ends as a dead ringer for it. In doing so, it highlights the lightness of the amber note in Stella, since musk is the only base for Rouse. I do find it similar to Un Zest de Rose however, I have left the Rosines out of this comparison due to their exquisite nature. Some beautiful creations are better left alone. Unfortunately, Flowerbelle Rouse has been discontinued much to the dismay of its fans who delighted in spending only $27 for a great scent. Of the three, this is my favorite.

Stella by Stella McCartney was released in 2003 and includes notes of rose essence, peony, mandarin, rose absolute and amber. The crisp, clean mandarin contrasted with romantic rose and delicate peony creates a pretty and quiet fragrance while the light amber gives it some depth, though not much. Stella has become quite popular as a daytime, casual fragrance. (I own the Rose Absolute formulation for its deeper, more resonating and lasting base notes, perfect for nighttime.) Yet, the least expensive bottle I could find was at FragranceX for $55.23.

Finally Chopard Wish Pink Diamond was launched in 2005 and contains notes of tangerine, pear, rose, acanthus, apricot, freesia, amber, sandalwood, and musk. I adore the packaging, since the bottle closely resembles a diamond with the liquid making it pink. The composition is a little more complex than the previous two but in the end, the intricacies do not differ enough to distinguish all three. Best of all, it is available for just $21.95 for a 1 oz. EDP spray! The only drawback I have found is less longevity with this one. For that price, however, you can have a bottle in your car, at your desk and in your powder room.

What fragrances have you found to be imitations of or extremely similar to one another?


Divina said...

It happens very often that I find a perfume to resemble another. The latest most striking similarities I found were between Haramens and Dinner by Bobo.

As for Stella, I didn't expect to like it and it really took me by surprise that I did. I find it has a certain sexy appeal.

rosarita said...

Interesting post, thanks as always :). I've often been intrigued by the Wish scents just bcs the bottles are so cute. I have Stella and enjoy it - the rollerball pen is $13 @ Sephora, but I would prefer it in sprayer form.

The similarities in my collection are some spicy orientals which I adore. Comme Des Garcons, the first one, and Parfums de Nicolai New York are quite similar, as are Moschino Femme and CK Obsession (yes, I love a bit of these rich scents this time of year. :)I have a sample of Salvador Dali, the first one, and it's a slightly milder spice that in drydown smells like most of the above, as does Paco Rabonne La Nuit. Yet, I love all of these and wear them on different occasions. They all smell different enough that I can justify owning them, but then I can justify almost everything about my perfume obsession, lol!

Anonymous said...

I love Stella by Stella McCartney. It's my everyday perfume. I initially was put off by the smell but loved how it developed on my skin. I know that you can get a rollerball EDP at Sephora for $15. Very convienent for those of us who travel!

I can't say much about similar scents as my nose is not nearly as adept as yours is!

Anonymous said...

How 'bout these: X for Women by Clive Christian and (don't strike me dead, St. Clive...) Gucci Rush. Of course the X is deeper, clearly more refined. But they really resemble one another.

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hello Divina,

Thank you for the suggestion. I agree with you on Stella, although I find Stella Rose Absolute much sexier than the original because of the intensified amber. I hope you're having a great week!


ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hello Anita! I adore spicy orientals for winter also. You listed some excellent suggestions there so thank you. And the justification illness I think is a prerequisite for perfume collecting! Hehe. :-)

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Anonymous #1,

So glad Stella has found its way into your heart. As I mentioned, it is a very pretty, casual day scent. Those rollerballs are so cute - I have seen those. I have a thing against rollerballs for application, though. I'd rather decant some into a smaller spray for travel. It's a spraying vs. dabbing thing. Picky, I know. :-)

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Anonymous #2,

Really? I had no idea! I think of X as very fruity-floral and Gucci Rush as a more sultry floral. But heck, who am I to scoff at saving money on perfume! With the ridiculous price of X (due to the crystal packaging), it certainly pays to consider the alternative. It's been a while since I owned Gucci Rush but I'm willing to revisit it. :-)

priscilla said...

Oh, I love Stella, and I would have loved to try Flowerbelle Rouse. I am a nut for rose. I'll have to hunt down the Chopard.

I've noticed a same similarity in Theorema/Organza Indecence/Rykiel Woman...I can add to that now, Estee Lauder Intuition. And now I'm having an Ormonde Jayne Tolu/Yves Rocher Viole d'Ambre/ Dior Dune thing...and really, all of them have a similar feel. And Rochas Absolu! I think I may be addicted to amber. ;-) I need to investigate further.

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hello Greeneyes!

Stella is underrated for certain but the Chopard is such a dead ringer I would get it instead! Would you believe that I have never worn any that you've listed. How is that possible??! I do love me some amber and now I have some new scents to try, thanks to you. Let us know what your investigation uncovers. :-)