Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Random Collection Selection: Angel Lily

As a collector of fragrance since I was a young child, I possess what I consider to be an inordinate amount of perfume ... inordinate for one person, that is. This borderline obsession feels like a hoarding illness at times. When I give serious thought to exactly how much I own it inspires anxiety. How will I ever use it all? Therefore, I share quite generously and recently decided to purchase decants rather than full bottles. Although I fancy reviewing new, niche scents, the thought dawned on me yesterday to randomly pick a full bottle from my robust collection weekly to review. After all, if I felt compelled to purchase a full bottle at one time, the scent(s) certainly moved me. Enough said?

Today's pick is Thierry Mugler Angel Lily. I recall testing this at Nordstrom and firstly being quite impressed with the manufacturer's gadget to refill the bottle. (Mind you, I rarely empty bottles but the thought of refilling was ingenius enough to inspire a purchase!) I also recall turning my nose at the thought of giving Angel* another spin after smelling this scent on every woman and her sister at the mall. My second and lasting impression after trying the scent on my skin, despite my initial reluctance, is one of amazement. The brilliance of adding a few notes to the original overwhelming blend to create a much more wearable fragrance enchants me to this day.

Angel Lily launched in 2005 to appeal to fans of the original Angel as well as those, like me, who could not wear it. The year 2005 holds a dear place in my heart for it was the year my husband entered my life. Angel Lily held a prominent place at the beginning of our courtship. Following its green beginning, Angel Lily becomes a heady concoction, akin to sweet, honey-drenched lilies. True to the nature of the flower, the scent endures incredibly well and lasts the entire evening. The word "evening" is intentional. Parallel to the original Angel, this scent inspires a "love it or hate it" relationship due to its bold, intrepid bouquet. However, the night becomes darker, the moon brighter and the love sweeter for the woman who enjoys donning this ultra feminine scent. I still find it full bottle worthy.

Notes - Top notes: "Dew" Note, Green Stem. Middle notes: Nutmeg, Lily, Honey. Base notes: Patchouli, Vanilla Notes.

A free sample goes to the first reader to guess whether or not I have refilled the original bottle I purchased in 2005.

Thierry Mugler Angel Lily is available at multiple discount websites, .8 oz. EDP as low as $55.99 on amazon.com.

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*After its launch in 1992, the original Angel became an instant success due to its unique blending of chocolate, vanilla and patchouli notes among others. Unfortunately for those who do not like it, the sillage of this persistent fragrance can fill a room.


Divina said...

haha Ok, I'll try! :) My thoughts are...since all the Thierry Mugler perfumes are quite difficult and not every day scents..and considering you have a vast collection..I say you have not refilled your bottle yet!

How are you, T? I sampled Eau de Star lately and it freaked me out. I had to scrub it off, but there is something I did appreciate about it: It smells *Frozen*. Aquatic and frozen.. I certainly admire the innovation. Never smelled a perfume that made me actually _feel_ the frost before. It still was a scrubber though!
x, Divina

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hi D.,

You, my dear pretty one, are right! I still have about 1/3 bottle remaining. "Difficult" is correct. Although when I empty it I do plan to refill because of the positive reaction I get from my husband every time I wear it.

I'm doing well today, thanks D. Although Eau de Star sounds interesting I'll trust your judgement that it is a scrubber. ;-) Please e-mail me your address and I'll send a nice decant of Lily.


Divina said...

:) That's so nice of you T! I will mail you my details! Let's make it fun, I'd love to send something back! I'll mail you about it today! xxx, Divina

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Thanks for the e-mail! I always love to spread fragrance around.