Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cristiano Fissore Cashmere

I am in love. Fragrance love, that is. If I could marry a fragrance it would be this luscious specimen. Thanks to colombina of Perfume Smellin' Things, I ventured onto unchartered territory. I ordered this bottle unsniffed from Germany after reading her perfect description. Initially, I was hoping to send some to her and if I liked it, keep a little for myself. After over one month of nervous anticipation, all of my expectations have been exceeded. Since smelling this exquisite juice I have had thoughts of disposing of other scents from my 41 bottle collection. The horror!! But that's how good this is.

First of all, I am absolutely delighted this designer hails from Italy. I love all things Italian, including my husband. Secondly, the scent is perhaps the most well blended to have ever graced my nose. It is fresh, soft, comforting, cool and tasteful - spiced apricots to my nose and to others an ethereal, non-descript waft of expensive perfume. As described on First in Fragrance, the scent wraps its wearer in a fine cashmere pashmina. How appropriate. With notes of bergamot, amber, woods, myrrh and tahitian vanilla, it could be a perfect rainy day or cold weather scent. To me, it will be a a perfect every day scent and very happily I doubt I will smell it on another. I find its scent surrounds me and every once in a while I catch a distinct whiff, awakening all of my senses. Most of the time it just soothes and holds me in comfort. Cashmere pashmina indeed!

It seems the perfume gods have graced me. Every time I buy a scent for a friend with the intention of making her happy, I discover a beautiful scent for myself. This happened with Carnal Flower as well over one year ago. Thank you perfume gods. Please remind me to always be of service to other perfumistas! And thank you for inspiring the creators of this magical fragrance.

Cristiano Fissore Cashmere for Women Edt comes packaged in the pouch pictured and can be purchased at First in Fragrance, 105 Euro for 100 mL.
Photo from First in Fragrance,


Marina said...

"Every time I buy a scent for a friend with the intention of making her happy, I discover a beautiful scent for myself." - That is called Karma :-)

Welcome to blogging!!!

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Thanks dear M. :-) You make the world go 'round.