Thursday, December 20, 2007

Obscure Toiletries

Every once in a great while, I discover toiletry gems and great candles. Make no mistake, this blog is dedicated to perfume. However, because some lotions, potions and home fragrances smell so divine they prompt an emotional attachment similar to my borderline obsession with my perfume collection, I am compelled to highlight a couple. (I reserve the right to periodically review products in this category!)

First, I sing the praises of a darling little website called Bathed and Infused. Their philosophy "Get clean. Smell good." has most certainly served them well. Unlike the numerous e-tailers devoted to creating lotions that smelled like birthday cake who surfaced a few years ago (and mostly faded away since), Bathed and Infused has stood the test of time. They have also mastered the art of great customer service, created packaging that leaves an unforgettable impression with each consumer, and produced extremely high quality products that appeal to most. I adore the long list of fragrances! Looking for a body lotion to compliment your favorite fragrance? Bathed and Infused probably has one. How about a shower gel to augment the season or time of year? Look no further. Although I will admit that their fragrance dupes lack staying power, for any bath and body need, this website is certainly worth looking into. Best of all, their items arrive in a cute little Chinese take out box with a blue fortune cookie to match the website's color scheme. Adorable! I have thoroughly enjoyed Mandarin Tiki and Spiced Orange Tea Cakes lotions this month. (They are closed through January 7. Visit them after the New Year!)

Second, for creating the perfect atmosphere in your home, Alternative Breeding offers excellent products. Lest you turn your nose up at the name, I assure you the link is safe! I have become quite attached to the artistically blended simmer wax. No cotton candy or birthday cake smelling candles here, although they do have variations if you appreciate that sort of thing. A much more sophisticated variety of scents is also available. A few favorites of mine? Ginger Regale, Prelude and The Way Back.

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