Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Esteban Fraîcheur Andalouse

I present a new discovery with a fabulous price point: Esteban Fraîcheur Andalouse! A light, refreshing blend based on a “hesperidic harmony” with woods and musk at the base, this scent is a refined blend perfect for office wear. It reminds me a bit of D&G Light Blue, but I grew tired of Light Blue very quickly. I do not foresee growing tired of Fraîcheur Andalouse due to the abundance of citrus and the interesting twist of star anise.

This charming fragrance opens with bitter bergamot, tart grapefruit, and intriguing star anise. This accord is at once refreshing, light, and airy. The star anise is such a welcome addition to sparkling, bright citrus. At the heart, jasmine and orange blossom provide just a tad of sweetness without overwhelming the blend. Finally, cedar and musk at the base soften and enrich the scent creating a delectable experience from start to finish. Delightful! Esteban's website is most certainly worth a visit.

Esteban Fraîcheur Andalouse is available at www.your-cosmetics.com, a 3.3 oz. bottle retails for $38.

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Marina said...

Oh, anise...I am scared of anise :-( But what wonderful prices this line has! :-)

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

They really do! The anise is so understated M. It might be worth a try for summer. Otherwise, there are others to choose from. Several of their scents intrigue me. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi thereI newly discovered this site; what a joy
I have to add that Esteban is an all time favourite becuse of there wonderfull blends, specially the Home Fragrances. I LOVE them all

As far as star anise in perfume is concerned, it doesn't smell anything like true anise. It has a mysterious deeper aroma of something a bit spicey - very piquant

By the way, thanks for your blog