Friday, November 30, 2007

Bella Bellissima Perfect Night

Dancing in the moonlight under an endless sea of stars... whispers of promises that thrill the senses... touches that linger, gentle caresses, mystery, passion ...

This description captivated me only after I tried the delicious juice. I first referred to Bella Bellissima Perfect Night when reviewing Bond No. 9's recent release Andy Warhol Silver Factory. Struck by the similarity in notes between the two, I used Bella Bellissima Perfect Night for comparison's sake. However, it deserves a review of its own.

Perfect Night is Silver Factory for a woman - one who wants to be a little less bonfire-earthy and a little more va-va voom voluptuous. The addition of ginger, vetiver and elusive exotic flowers to incense, cedar and amber amply give Perfect Night its femininity, curves and sultry appeal. At first spritz it eerily resembles the aforementioned fragrance but upon drying it takes on a subtly sweet dimension with the amber and midnight flowers taking front and center. Something soft and creamy resides in the heart as well, and its comfort factor is high without detracting from the massive amount of sex appeal.

Last night as I held out my wrist to my husband to sniff this amazing fragrance, he said to me, "Oh, I like that! It smells like a vixen- like a really bad girl." Not a terrible assessment. If I added "refined" to "vixen" I think we would have an accurate description. This beautiful fragrance does not take hostages; it is quite classy. Conversely, the woodsy and exotic Perfect Night summons the inner vixen leaving an unforgettable impression with incredible lasting power. The perfect spokesmodel for this fragrance could easily be the volatile Angelina Jolie. Her image has become more wholesome lately due to motherhood and philanthropy. Yet I refer to her image of about five years ago - the pre-Brad Pitt, raunchy and uninhibited woman who inspired the more inhibited to blush or scoff at her in judgement. Her confidence, sexual freedom, voluptuousness and mysteriousness personify Perfect Night in perfect fashion.

Wear Bella Bellissima Perfect Night at your own risk and make sure to give it an ample stage with your best black dress and smokey eyeshadow.

Bella Bellissima Perfect Night is available at A 50mL bottle retails for $91.25.

Image of bottle courtesy of Angelina Jolie courtesy of

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