Sunday, April 29, 2007

Satellite Ipanema

I am pleased to write about this fresh, summery introduction from Satellite, Ipanema. The color of the juice alone, a vibrant turquoise blue, single-handedly refreshes. One cannot help but think of crystal, clear ocean water in varying hues of blue and the accompanying scents – warm skin, suntan oil, soft sand, fruity drinks, and salt water. Better yet, the notes create a masterfully crafted balance. Ipanema combines ylang, orange, grapefruit, freesia, sandalwood, coco, white flowers, tonka bean, vanilla, sea accord, patchouli. Yes, indeed this combination of notes has captured the beach.

This fragrance brings to mind carefree, relaxing days lounging on the beach or reading in a hammock. Although beautifully harmonious, it does not appear to try too hard. The notes simply and softly render your skin just a touch sweeter and sexier. When I wear this, I find myself disappointed I did not have a large amount of it with me in Hawaii. It would have complimented the relaxing vibe quite nicely, especially those immensely pleasurable moments of plunging my feet in the warm sand and allowing the tide to roll over them; or lying in a lounge chair overlooking the gorgeous beach as I slowly drift off to sleep; or softly interlocking fingers with my beloved as we stroll along the coast line while the cool ocean breeze caresses our bodies. Rather than boarding a plane, I will wear Ipanema to be reminded of all those wonderful sensations.

Image sources: my own Hawaii honeymoon

Satellite Ipanema can be found at
Luckyscent, 100mL retails for $80.


Victoria said...

I hope to be going to Maui in January and I'll be packing this one. Lovely isn't it?

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Yes!! Perfect for a trip to Maui!!

Divina said...

Goodmorning T,
I'd been looking forward to this review, I really want to try Ipanema. The Satelite bottles are so pretty, aren't they? Is the coconut prominent in this one? I am looking for a nice beach scent with a good coco note. I know a lot of people hate it, (including my dbf *sigh*) but I love it!

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Good Morning D.!

The coconut makes a debut in the heart of the fragrance but I cannot say it's prominent. Ipanema subtly reminds me of the beach but it's not overly suntan lotion smelling like Fire Island or Bobbi Brown Beach. Have you tried Sage Onyx? That's one of my favorite coconut scents. Also, I usually don't buy at Bath & Body Works, but the one scent I do love from there is Exotic Coconut. Delish! Have a great day!