Monday, September 24, 2007

Random Collection Selection: Alfred Dunhill Desire For Women

Every once in a while I grab a bottle from my plentiful collection that has collected some dust. Today was the day that I casually grabbed Dunhill Desire. After a few spritzes and my own delighted reaction I am reminded why I initially purchased this full bottle. It is most certainly a market sleeper. But in my book, this fragrance deserves far more attention than it gets.

The following comes from, "Introduced in 2001 by Alfred Dunhill, Desire For Women is meant for refined yet unconventional women who will be seduced by its warm and lingering amber end note." Seduced indeed. With fleeting topnotes of orange flower and bergamot, the warmer, enticing notes of sandalwood, vanilla, amber and caramel headline this fragrance. How appropriate that I subconsciously chose such a sweet, indulgent fragrance now that Fall is officially here.
While this fragrance is undeniably sweet, it is light enough to appeal to most. Unlike the candied sweetness of Aquolina Pink Sugar, Desire offers scintillant sweetness wrapped in warmth. It elicits carnal reactions in the opposite sex, making its name quite appropriate. Finally, it manages to last the entire day on my skin, giving it extra va-va voom and earning its title as full-bottle worthy for my collection. I highly recommend giving this fragrance a whirl for the fall and winter days ahead. And at its price point, that should not be too difficult. Although it will not earn a title for most masterfully created, unique fragrance, the bottle design and the warm, creaminess of the juice may "seduce" many. With the fashion trend of creating fragrances and songs together (Prince's 3121), I love that one of my favorite songs by U2 matches this scent as well.
Alfred Dunhill Desire For Women has been discontinued in major department stores but can be found on, and for less than $50. Also check your local Marshall's or TJ Maxx for deeper discounts.

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Nice review.Could you please review dunhill london and dunhill black.both are for men but if you could do it it would be great because your reviews as i often find are simple, great and reliable. also if you could do a piece about some great mens perfumes it would very much appreciated.