Thursday, May 31, 2007

Calypso St. Barth Jala EDT

Not to be confused with Calypso founded by Christiane Celle, Calypso St. Barth has created two winning fragrances, Lea and Jala. A new fragrance has also been released this year - Lily. Today's pick, Jala, was recently reformulated into an eau de parfum which is available online at beautyhabit. However, for today's purposes I will discuss the older more linear EDT formulation, also available at beautyhabit.

With my delayed honeymoon to Italy quickly approaching, I am combing through my collection to select those scents I think will best fit the mood and tempo of our romantic Italian getaway. For the Taormina portion of our trip, Jala may be the uplifting, invigorating, Mediterranean scent I seek. With fairly linear tropical floral notes of pink magnolia, frangipani and Italian jasmine, this scent echos the Sicilian love of the sea and value of simplicity. Heady yet light, simple yet lush, Jala seems the perfect summer day at the beach scent. The tropical flowers bloom abundantly with this, and their scent wafts rather than overpowers, escorting the wearer, with a few flowers in her hair, to a long stretch of sand and an ocean breeze. The prominent note without a doubt is sweet jasmine. For those who require spicy notes with floral bouquets, this scent will be étouffant. For floral lovers, Jala is a special occasion, once in a blue moon fragrance that may not require a full bottle but rather a small decant. For my purposes of lolling at the beach, browsing the market, and speaking with the locals, Jala will provide a great accompaniment.

Calypso St. Barth Jala EDT is available at beautyhabit, 100mL retails for $85.

Image source:, the beaches of Taormina, Sicily


Divina said...

You're going on a honeymoon, T?! How fabulous!!! That is so exciting, do you already know what clothes you're gonna bring? I'd totally go out and buy a new capsule wardrobe for the trip! tee-hee :) Any excuse for shopping! Mwah! xxx, D.

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hello D.,

Mr. TMH has planned this whole thing and I am thrilled to have a tour guide through Italy!! Since I just spent a lot on clothing for the new job, I doubt I will buy a lot of new things for the trip. I did splurge on a few sun dresses a couple months ago but that's about it. I wish I had time to go clothes shopping before we leave! I can always do some damage while we're there. ;-)