Monday, February 11, 2008

Close Enough to the Stars to Smell Them

Well, actually I am not. But I would like to be! My husband loves dancing and I am almost as passionate about music as I am about perfume. (Just ask my closest friends about my enthusiastic following of the band U2 and the variety inherent in my extensive CD collection.) So when the 50th Annual Grammy Awards aired last night, we were both interested. It offered a star-studded show full of crowd pleasing special effects, well-rehearsed, tight performances and enough bling to eliminate poverty around the world. I am compelled to ask, what would the featured talent wear? I am sure you have seen their outfits as they will be plastered all over the internet and tabloid magazines this week, along with a few choice words about their style (or lack thereof). I mean, what would be their fragrance of choice? Better yet, what should be their fragrance of choice? In no particular order, I offer some photos along with my humble suggestions.

Fergie - With her cheerful and sexy buttercup yellow dress and flowing hair, L'Artisan Perfumeur Mimosa Pour Moi compliments the fresher-than-springtime vibe she exudes without detracting from her strong personality.

Beyonce Knowles – To compliment her ethereal and suggestive yet soft look (albeit a little strange), Christian Dior Diorella - a sheer but ultimately soft chypre with cleanliness and class - fits the bill.

Carrie Underwood – The floral goddess gown, the gorgeous blonde tresses, and the beautiful, fresh face begs for Chanel Cristalle Eau de Toilette to accompany her with its light and fresh bouquet.

Prince – One of the sexiest, most unique, and exquisitely talented men on the planet demands a fragrance in a class all its own. It is Yves Saint Laurent M7, a very musky, sensual and exclusive fragrance for men.

Corinne Bailey Rae – This young and fresh new star with an angelic voice has apparently shed her homegrown image by choosing a large-sequined, short-skirted dress. Jean Patou Cocktail could assist those growing up efforts beautifully. One of the Ma Collection fragrances that offers a sophisticated and elegant bouquet of mellow fruitiness, Cocktail seems perfect.

Taylor Swift – I am not terribly familiar with her music. However, I was struck by her romantic beauty after seeing her photo. This is a slam dunk. Guerlain Apres l’Ondee provides the perfect choice and the perfect compliment to her over the top periwinkle dress.

Roselyn Sanchez – Dove grey on an exotically beautiful woman begs for Comme des Garcons Zagorsk - a cool, clean incense fragrance with violet, birch and cedar. Actually, Ms. Sanchez is not a musician but an actress. Nonetheless, I was inspired to pick a fragrance for her.

Alicia Keys – Perhaps it is the emerald green dress or the references to her devout spiritual life that prompt me to choose Comme des Garcons Kyoto. Whatever the case, one of my favorite female artists deserves an earthy and unusual fragrance like it.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw – For a woman who only becomes more beautiful with age and who looks like a midnight flower in her ensemble, Annick Goutal Songes seems an apt accessory. For a handsome man who boasts nine consecutive albums debuting at number one on Billboard, the masculine and luxurious Hermes Equipage suits him.

Lastly, although I could not find an online photo, my favorite outfit of the evening goes to the retro-glamourous Natasha Bedingfield who donned a gorgeous purple gown with Marilyn Monroe-esque hair. Her fragrance should undoubtedly be, an obvious yet classic choice, Chanel No. 5.

Who were your favorite artists at the Grammy's and what should their fragrance be?

Images courtesy of Reuters


Marina said...

Fun! I DVR-ed Grammy but haven't watched it yet. Will try to pair scents to outfits when I do :-)

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Good Morning Marina,

Oh, I'd love to hear your pairings! Enjoy watching. It was a great show this year. ;-)

Divina said...

My own two scents: With that awesome jacket, Prince should be wearing Je suis un homme, by Etat Libre d'Orange! By the way, have you smelled his own scent? I rather liked it - have to test it again.



Anonymous said...

Good article only pictures are all over the place hard to read. At least with Firefox.

Allow us please to promote little fragrance pool we are running at

Our aim is to find out what the opposite sex prefers. We think that this experiment is an interesting one and that the results might be very diverse, but let us see.

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hello Dear D.,

You see, you and I think alike. One of the tiny reasons I chose the M7 is for the red bottle to match his jacket! Although I've never tested Je Suis Un Homme, I am certain the scent fits if you suggest it. :-)

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...


Yeah, one of the pains of not knowing enough HTML code. However, the text is for each start is right next to their picture and that was my first aim. Let us know the results of your survey please!

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Um, that would be "each star" :-)

Anonymous said...

Great post!
I am very passionate about music too, and you made me think about popstars in a way that's new and funny (what do they actually smell like?). You named one of my favourite scents (Equipage) and made me curious about Tim McGraw's music.
My favourite artist this year among the nominees was Feist (The Reminder is a wonderful record); she performed her song 1234 on acoustic guitar and I think a perfume like L'air de Rien would have suited her perfectly.

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hello Edwardian,

I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I had a ball writing it. It's fun to mix things up a little, isn't it? Feist performed exceptionally well, don't you think? I'll have to look into her record. L'air de Rien is a lovely choice for her!

Have a great evening and thanks for reading, as always.