Friday, March 21, 2008

Thierry Mugler Mirror Mirror Series, Part I

Over my next two entries, I will be exploring the Mirror Mirror collection from Thierry Mugler which was released just a few short months ago and should be more widely available by now. In no particular order, today I will focus on two scents in the collection. Stay tuned for another entry where I will discuss the last three. The idea behind this collection is to highlight the art of perfumery, since the President of Thierry Mugler fragrances, Mr. Joel Palix, encouraged his noses to "create something original and unusual".

Miroir des Envies or Mirror of Desires by perfumer Christine Nagel:

From the creator of the blockbuster Narciso Rodriguez For Her and my own love Thierry Mugler Angel Lily comes a very unconventional floral. A strikingly apt description is written by Saks Fifth Avenue - "Provocative notes of warm, morning toast and sun-drenched skin become tasty partners with a sumptuous jasmine center. A unique overdose of usually minor accords." My first impression of the fragrance was unfortunately a deadringer for nailpolish. Perhaps the delicate nature of the notes combined with the fixative alcohol caused them to get lost in the shuffle. That unpleasant top accord faded quickly (thank goodness) leading to the simultaneously sweet and cozy heart. Who thought that morning toast could create a pleasant fragrance experience when blended with jasmine? Kudos to Christine for taking a risk and developing a scent that reminds me of all things innocent, soft and light - an infant's fingers, delicate flower petals warmed by the sun, the backs of my cat's ears, a gentle butterfly. Miroir des Envies offers a soft and ethereal skin scent that is undoubtedly unique and original. For those who like fragrances that boldly make a statement or offer significant sillage, this scent is not ideal. Rather it is feather-light and I predict some perfumistas may not even detect it on their skin. Therefore, this delicate, breezy fragrance could be a great choice for a woman who is pregnant and averse to strong odors, a congested office environment or a casual and relaxing (think walks in the park, soft music or curling up with a good book) weekend.

Miroir des Vanités or Mirror of Vanities by perfumer Alexis Dadier:

This fragrance is again soft but in an entirely different fashion than the previous. No florals exist in this composition. Rather, this one is described as an "effervescent woody" scent where "bubbly citrus accords enliven and mingle with the warm, subtle bitterness of cinchona bark and vetiver, heightened by the black intensity of licorice". Despite the description, nothing about this scent is intense to my nose. Instead, I smell a progression from bergamot to vetiver, with a gentle undercurrent of something darker, perhaps the bark. "Effervescent" is an accurate description for the top, since the combination of citrus and vetiver create a bubbly, happy accord. As the scent develops further it remains lighthearted and docile and ends on a powdery note. It never deepens enough to be considered sexy or profound. Nonetheless, Miroir des Vanités is truly unique and reminds me of literally no other fragrance I have tried. Like Miroir des Envies, I find it somewhat casual due to its lack of sincere depth but nice enough for a relaxed and aloof vibe.

I am not crazy about the packaging of the two scents. It looks much harsher than the soft and delicate juice within. The price point is a bit steep in my opinion, but if you fall in love, it may be worth it. So far, I will not be purchasing a full bottle. We shall see what the last three hold in store!

The Thierry Mugler Mirror Mirror collection is available at Saks Fifth Avenue. They are listed under "Women's Fragrances" on the website and retail for $150 for a 1.7 EDP.

Image of Miroir des Envies courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue.

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