Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Detaille Sofia

Detaille is a niche perfume company that was established in Paris in 1905. It offers lovely candles, skin care, powders and beautiful fragrances for men and women. Of the nine fragrances offered on Aus Liebe zum Duft (First-in-Fragrance), Sofia caught my eye with its description as a “powerful and spicy cocktail.”

I have nearly used all of the atomizer sample I purchased in less than one week - a very good sign. Although I do not quite perceive it as powerful, the combination of notes definitely became a winner very quickly on my skin. It has all the feminine, mysterious spiciness of Caron Bellodgia while the variety of notes render it more than a carnation scent. With a fresh, citrus burst, blackcurrant buds, tangerine and ivy leaves open the bouquet. Quite quickly the spicy floral heart makes its appearance with carnation leading the way, softened with heliotrope and enriched by jasmine. The scent remains mysterious, warm and dry through the remainder of the day due to the base of warm tonka bean, rich vanilla and just a speck of dirty patchouli.

Sofia brings forth images of glorious female icons - strong and über feminine women who define sultriness and compromise for no one. Perhaps Ursula Andress, the ultimate Bond girl, would wear Sofia quite well. With her feminine physique and no nonsense attitude, this magnetic, spicy fragrance provides a parallel to her image. I would choose this scent on days when I want to bring forth my “inner goddess” and knock ‘em dead with one bat of my eyes à la Ursula.

Detaille fragrances are difficult to find in the U.S. although Takashimaya in NYC carries the line. Otherwise, Sofia can be found at www.ausliebezumduft.de, a 100mL bottle retails for 75€.

Image sources: www.ausliebezumduft.de, geocities.com.


Divina said...

Goodmorning! I'd been hoping for the Satellite review, but I take it back! Sophia has me intrigued, obviously, I love carnation. Is it more spicy than Bellodgia? I am still looking for a spicier take on the flower. Advise if you can :) Hope your cat is feeling better, let us know. x, D.

chayaruchama said...

As if you couldn't knock 'em dead with one bat of those eyelashes anyhoo ...

I've seen that photo of the women in your family, and they are KNOCKOUTS !

Well, I'm intrigued.
I've never encountered this scent.
Sounds really delightful !

Hope all is improving chez toi, ma fille.

Big hugs !

TMH256 said...

Good Morning D.!

I wouldn't call this one spicier than Bellodgia, just more complex and intriguing - less "in your face" carnation if you know what I mean. It is certainly worth a try if you like Bellodgia. Our kitty cat is coming home from the hospital today. I'm very anxious to see him.

Have a great day!


TMH256 said...

Good Morning Chaya Ruchama!

You are so generous with the compliments. How kind. Thank you. ;-)

Things are improving chez moi. And yes, Sofia is quite delightful!! I wish I had more to share.

Hugs & kisses,

toastyfrenchy said...

Good morning, T! I have been reading your blog regularly, though you wouldn't know it because I never leave comments! I'm not the fragrance maven that you and many of your readers are...though if I keep reading your blog maybe I am on my way to becoming one!

I just thought you and your readers would be interested to know that the literal translation of "Aus Liebe zum Duft" is "From Love to Fragrance." Isn't that a beautiful concept for perfume?

Cheers to you,

TMH256 said...


So great to "see" you my friend! If you are interested enough to read regularly, you are definitely a fragrance maven by default. ;-)

Thank you so much for the beautiful translation! It does not surprise me at all. Everything I have ordered from that website comes in beautiful packaging with a lovely hand written note. It is quite obvious the owner is a true lover of fragrance. And it is a beautiful concept.

I hope married life is treating you wonderfully! Isn't it the best?