Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Puredistance Antonia

Puredistance Antonia is an adventurous romantic with a lush, floral heart.  Adopting a playful and cheerful demeanor, the scent initially releases green floral notes which spring up as verdant, promising and stunning.  Set to the rhythm of a sweet and soaring vanilla base, hints of delicate jasmine, rich orris and majestic rose joyfully dance and erupt in elation on a soft, green bed of vetiver as if celebrating spring’s long awaited arrival. 
The addition of galbanum carries the charming dance into the damp night, adding polish to the composition and rendering the fragrance downright gorgeous.  Antonia is a poetic expression of a soft, refined and floral beauty.  The scent lingers with a gentle kiss and the promise of a glorious, new day. 

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