Monday, April 16, 2007

Montale Velvet Flowers

After a very busy weekend, I am back to quickly discuss another fragrance by Montale called Velvet Flowers. First, the notes:

Rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, peach blossoms, saffron and sandalwood

I typically favor lush florals. Not this one. Unfortunately for me, Velvet Flowers is what we call a "scrubber" - a scent that contradicts your chemistry and your nose so much that you must scrub it off immediately. Too bad. I am now zero and two with Montale. Crystal Flowers anyone?

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Anonymous said...


Please don't abandon the Montale line....there are real gems in the midst. I use Crystal Flowers and add a small dab of black aoud and it is exquisite! Chypre Fruit is also very lovely. Perhaps layering with this line will be better. Also, I have Soleil de Capri and I was encouraged to use it when the weather is really warm or the notes won't blend as well on the skin. I look forward to more Montale reviews as I am smitten by the line:)

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Thank you! It's nice to hear of others I should try. I definitely won't abandon. If I miss with more than three I will but I don't expect that to happen. Thanks again and have a wonderful day. ;-)

Anonymous said...

As much as I admire the Montale line, i must admit that Velvet Flowers is a real nightmare of a perfume. The flowers are not velvety at all, more like... candied, and the peach and saffron notes are so sweet they make me sick. Its longevity is truly scary and on clothes it's practically eternal. I've never tried Cristal Flowers, but i love and wear Aromatic Lime and i suggest you try it before you abandon Montale

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...


Thanks for your perfect description of Velvet Flowers. I wanted it off so bad I didn't dare delve into the notes. And yes, unfortunately it remains on one item of clothing. I will give Aromatic Lime a try as well.