Friday, May 04, 2007

Les Parfums de Rosine Poussière de Rose

A flame-haired beauty, with thick locks rolling down her shoulders dressed in a pink silk brocade gown, pearls around her neck with tiny golden slippers on her feet, slowly strolls through a spring garden, sniffing roses as she passes by. She langorously anticipates the upcoming rendezvous with her love interest, the Prince. She has all the time in the world and not a care about her, other than presenting herself in a most alluring fashion. She has not always been so privileged. This spring has given her the opportunity to live with her honorable aunt and uncle at their estate. Graciously, she takes extreme pleasure in her surroundings and appreciates the exquisite beauty of the countryside, the clothing in which she is dressed and most of all the perfume she wears, gifted to her by her cousin. It is Poussière de Rose.

Not unlike our heroine, I was gifted with this exquisite rose fragrance from my east coast mother. Perhaps she thought I had forgotten about this scent or ... worse yet ... disliked it. Oh, no. No, no, no. This scent could inspire novels. Delicate, elegant, sophisticated and understated, Poussière de Rose combines magical, romantic rose with plum, incense, tea and cinnamon. The plum is sweet, the tea green and the faint incense and cinnamon sensual, creating a fragrance altogether romantic, soft and dreamy. Literally meaning "dust of a rose," it requires bright colors, feminine frills, fresh lipstick, a sunny day and perhaps a romantic rendezvous. It also requires a wearer who can appreciate its absolute refinement.

Creator Marie-Helene Rogeon is not new to the art of perfumery. She was born into a family of perfumers and enjoyed from a very young age her grandparents' Rosine collection by Paul Poiret. She gained experience in perfume with Givenchy, Jean Deprez and Pierre Balmain before launching her own firm in 1991. Her rose scents are arguably the most cultivated in the perfume industry. With such offerings as Un Zest de Rose and Rose d'Amour, among many others, she has brought Rosine and her childhood to the world. Of the three I have tried, Poussière de Rose is by far my favorite.

Les Parfums de Rosine Poussière de Rose is available at and A 5omL bottle retails for $85.00.

Image sources: Virgin from the movie Perfume,, Rosine bottle


violetnoir said...

T, this Rosine may arguably be the most underrated of the line. Do you detect the ginger note in it?

It was the first Rosine that I purchased. I don't wear it so often, but when I do I am reminded of how unique and feminine it is.


ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hello R.,

Yes, I do detect a teensy bit of ginger. I adore this scent!! Feminine and unique indeed!