Thursday, October 04, 2007

Gianni Campagna Vento Canale

Why didn't I smell this swoon-worthy creation before I devised my Fall Top 5? This one could be entrusted with the honor of holy grail for Fall! I am infatuated with this scent from an elite Italian designer. A few facts regarding its loveliness. Vento Canale is:
  • Italian (like my husband)

  • Reminiscent of Sicily (where I spent a portion of my honeymoon)

  • Warm, slightly spicy, cozy and creamy (all qualities that I adore in scent)

  • Artistic (need I say more?)

  • Neither masculine nor feminine (so I can share with Mr. TMH and we'll both smell amazing)

The appeal to the sensibilities of one fiery Irish woman endures and yet I know that I am not alone in my adoration of this scent. A long thread on the MakeupAlley perfume board confirms, Vento Canale has many of us scrambling to find more.

So who is Gianni Campagna? He is a tailor turned designer who received his inspiration from watching classic Hollywood films at the Taormina, Sicily film festival. He desired to create similarities to the images he saw on the big screen - actors in fashionable suits and jackets. He has turned that vision into success and now designs clothing that attracts many celebrities including Pierce Brosnan and Sharon Stone. Read more here.

Now, let us discuss the scent. Firstly, the notes are admirable and mysterious. They include the following:

  • Head: caribbean rum, clary sage, carrot seeds, davana
  • Heart: cedar, lily
  • Base: curry herb, ambra, tobacco, musk, honey, raspberry, vanilla, cacao, pine balm, vetiver

With a boozy, intoxicating beginning no doubt underscored by rum, Vento Canale vaguely reminds me of Escada Collection with all its oozing warmth. However, as the scent progresses similarities elude me. A soft tobacco/honey accord is showcased through the second stage of the scent's development and while it is sweet, it is far from overwhelming. Wading through the other plentiful notes, pure spiced cocoa becomes prominent at the base, reminding one of a sweet, hot drink on a cool day. The effect envelops the wearer,
like the breezes that caressed me as I gazed at the soft waves of the Mediterranean Sea along the coast of Sicily. No doubt about it, this is a comfort scent and one that I will wear repeatedly to reminisce on carefree warm days browsing the market, lounging at the beach, enjoying Italian folk music and breathing the fresh, salty air. Closer to home, it will soothe and comfort, ground and refocus my energy during the hectic, planning and activity-filled days of fall and winter.

Gianni Campagna Vento Canale is truly exclusive, only available here that I know of. Hopefully some savvy U.S. retailers will stock it soon. Without even seeing the bottle design, I gladly deem it full-bottle worthy.

My own images of the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Taormina, Sicily


The Federalist said...

Non vedo l'ora di indossarmelo! Qualunque cosa che mi ricordi della nostra luna di miele mi portera' sentimenti amorosi.

La tua critica di questo profumo e' assolutamente giusta. E' come se avessi imbottigliato quei 5 giorni a Taormina...e possiamo viverli quando ci pare!

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

No fair TMH!

Divina said...

I was not aware of this one's existence! Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Good morning Divina,

Sure thing! I'd love to hear what you think of it. Hopefully, you have better access to it where you are. :-)