Sunday, March 25, 2007

Perfume Tip #2


Believe it or not, no magic formula exists for applying fragrances. My personal opinion is to apply wherever you feel comfortable. I usually spritz on my wrists and the back of my neck. When wearing fragrance oils, I rub the oil between my palms and then run my palms through my hair. A handy trick for applying a scent you think may be too strong for your environment is to spritz behind your knees. To extend wearing time of any fragrance, purchase the bath and body products that accompany it and use them. Layering may temporarily strengthen the scent, however over time it will soften and last. If the scent you love does not carry bath and body products, as in very exclusive fragrances, decant some of the fragrance into a small atomizer to carry with you. You can purchase atomizers at Sephora and other beauty stores. I adore the following website: Their customer service is fantastic and you will find just about everything you need there for decanting. Spritz whenever you feel you need freshening. Finally, my personal belief is that if I can smell myself without putting my nose to my wrist, others are probably well aware of my scent. Please try to be responsible with spritzing so you don't overwhelm those around you. In my opinion, subtlety is bliss.

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