Sunday, March 04, 2007


What inspires you? What pushes you to your fullest potential, inspires you to be good to yourself and your loved ones, motivates you to overcome any obstacle, and gives you strength when you feel you can't muster any more? In honor of an inspirational Sunday at the TMH house, I offer to you my list of inspirations:


  • Annick Goutal Songes inspires me to be girly, feminine, ladylike and mind my manners.

  • Serge Lutens Muscs Kublai Khan inspires me to ignore convention, for nothing great was ever accomplished by a well-mannered woman. ::wink::

  • Chanel No. 5 inspires me to just be .... me ....

  • Bulgari Omnia inspires me to be quiet, reflect, read and ponder.


  • U2 Beautiful Day
    "What you don't have you don't need it now. What you don't know you can feel it some how." Need I say more?

  • Sheryl Crow Soak Up The Sun

  • Sting Brand New Day

  • Aretha Respect

  • Blue Man Group I Feel Love

  • Norah Jones, anything and everything she writes

  • U2 Grace

  • Bruce Springsteen The Rising

  • Daft Punk Something About You

  • Mary J. Blige Take Me As I Am and her life in general


  • The Other Boleyn Girl
    Maintaining hope, fortitude and integrity in the face of extreme adversity and cruelty

  • The Kiterunner
    Incredible story highlighting the human condition, also a great education on oppression in the Middle East

  • The Red Tent
    Female inner strength

  • The Book of Secrets
    Deepok Chopra's inspired insights

  • Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior
    Stay in the present and live your life on purpose

This is definitely not an exhaustive list as I find new things every day, but a good start. What inspires you?

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