Monday, January 22, 2007

Stella Rose Absolute

Recent fragrance polls asking me to name my favorite rose perfume re-inspired my adoration for Stella Rose Absolute. She is close to my heart as she accompanied me to a very important event: the first meeting of my husband's entire family! His brother's wedding was the venue and Stella Rose Absolute was the featured fragrance. I recall a guest commenting, "You smell amazing!" Blushing and humble, I quietly acknowledged to myself that this was truly a winner.

Relegated to her stately spot in the middle of my collection, she hasn't seen much play lately. But let's talk about this beauty. I liked the original Stella but it's ambery rose scent evaporated too quickly on my skin. I therefore purchased Stella Rose Absolute at a Saks beauty event hoping she would stay a while. And she does! This gorgeous scent is for bombshells. (Ironic that I wore it to a family event, eh?) While I realize I may be tooting my own horn by saying that, when I want to feel like a bombshell I wear this. "Sensual, feminine, intense" is what Sephora says. I would add soft, well-rounded, sophisticated.

With notes of rose, peony, mandarin, rose absolute and amber, this fragrance reminds me of a scene in the recent film Perfume. Dustin Hoffman's character, the perfumer Giuseppe Baldini, teaches Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, the main character, how to extract scent. Thousands of roses are imported from the French countryside and loaded into a magical machine. The long process extracts scent from the roses and Jean-Baptiste eagerly awaits the outcome. Finally, as the long anticipated drop plinks to the bottom of a glass Baldini says, "The soul of a rose."

Stella Rose Absolute exudes the soul of a rose with class, ease and softness. The amber adds just enough intrigue as to beckon others to you. As you hold your nose to a rose's petals to take a deep whiff, so does this perfume require some closeness to capture its true beauty. It certainly will not knock others over and for that I adore it. True bombshells save the best of their allure for those close to them. After all this talk, I think it is time to pull her out of her spot and show her off, perhaps while wearing a low-cut, sexy number ...

Stella Rose Absolute is available at Sephora. A 1 oz. EDP spray retails for $46.


colombina said...

Tamara, I love the way you right! Please don't stop. :-)

TMH256 said...

Thank you so much, dear M.!! That is quite a compliment coming from you. I will continue. Today was the first day I couldn't get to it but I'll do two tomorrow. And a little something is on it's way to you!

Christie said...

I just read your description of rose absolute and couldn't believe how accurate you have described it. Your writing style is unbelievable and would make anyone want to buy or even try this gorgeous fragrance. I wore the original Stella for my wedding nearly four years ago and love Rose Absolute just as much. My husband loves it and always reminds him of our wedding. It never disappoints to make me feel like a lady. Thank you for writing such a great review of a fragrance that is very close to my heart!

TMH256 said...


Thank you so much! What a wonderful way to solidify fragrance love by wearing it on your wedding day! I'm certain you will adore it forever. Your compliments are very much appreciated and I hope you continue to read here. :-)