Monday, November 19, 2007

Forget Me Not: Creed Royal English Leather

According to Wikipedia, the house of Creed remains the only privately held fragrance company in the world, passed on through generations and creating fragrances for over 247 years. James Henry Creed established the company in 1760 and today it qualifies as the only house that still makes perfumes by hand, using a process called infusion. Today Erwin Creed has developed the popular Love In White and Virgin Island Water.

This past weekend, I was on a quest - a quest to find one of the oldest fragrances still in production. How appropriate that I found myself at the Creed counter, testing and re-testing fragrances that I have been aware of and appreciated from afar for a very long time. When I told Joshua, the very helpful sales associate at Neiman Marcus about Forget Me Not (the monthly piece that Divina of Fragrance Bouquet and I feature), Royal English Leather was the first fragrance he pulled. He told me the story of King George III who commissioned this fragrance in 1781. The king wore Royal English Leather on his gloves to sniff as he walked by the servants of the court, who because they did not bathe frequently smelled quite sour. A charming story, yes. But would the fragrance be stellar?

At one sniff I was transfixed. The combination of highest quality, smooth and supple leather infused with mandarin oil was nearly more than I could handle in front of our friend Joshua. I had to temper my reactions so as not to make a scene. I immediately conjured images of sexy and powerful men donning leather gloves and other accessories, making decisions that would impact an entire nation and kissing the hands of courted women on bended knee. A Mozart concerto and the images I have seen in movies washed over me like a tide as I sniffed this incredible elixir that has stood the test of centuries. (For a more specific visual and audio, click here.) Yes, this evocator of the era of true romance is a keeper alright. And it most certainly should not ever be forgotten.

The notes are quite simple. I have never appreciated leather before Royal English Leather. Perhaps the other leather scents I have tried are not sweet enough or noble enough. The fragrance provides a luxurious combination of high quality leather and sweet citrus or flowers, vaguely reminiscent of violets to my nose. Do not get me wrong, this is no frilly Bois de Violette. Strangely I find it in the same fragrance category as Serge Luten's beautiful violet creation although I cannot put my finger on the cause. Nonetheless, I will forever be changed by this magnificent leathery scent and I do foresee getting a bottle at some point. I am thrilled to take leather off my list of "can't stand" notes and I am grateful to the house of Creed for changing my mind.

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Creed Royal English Leather is available at Neiman Marcus and various internet discounters. I found an EDT available in 2.5 oz. for $96.50 at

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Perfumeshrine said...

Oh lala, Creed have been at it again, haven't it? Unfortunately no infusion involved in tannin notes in particular. But let's not make them sad...

Thanks for the lovely review, it was very romantic and involving.

Divina said...

Hi gorgeous :) Creed makes me want to sit on the floor crosslegged and whine a little bit each time, for I have yet to find a single one I like. ..And yes, I want to find at least ONE I do like! The boutique I favor carries part of the line but not Royal English Leather. There is though a shop that sells beautiful clothes for the gentlemen that also sells Creed and I'll try to find REL there next weekend. Maybe this time I'll swoon..

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Thank you Helg. :-)

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hello Gorgeous right back. :-) Let me know what you think. The desire to "sit on the floor crosslegged and whine a little bit" describes how I have felt about MANY fragrances that others love. There are a few Creeds I adore, but certainly not all of them. Let me know what you think of REL when you try it!

Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

I've been wearing REL for a year. My girlfriend loves it, and she has complimented the scent (after ripping off my dress uniform) even after 12+ hours of wear. Others find it too strong. Take note: REL is a strong, persistent, and polarizing EDT.