Friday, December 14, 2007

The Perfect Scent for Home for the Holidays?

I would love to make hot, spiced apple cider, throw orange peel into a roaring fire, have a live Christmas tree in every room and roast chestnuts to create perfect atmosphere and aroma for the upcoming holidays. None of those are in the cards for our very balmy climate or this very busy time. Therefore, I have scoured the stores searching for the perfect fragrance for scenting the home - one that does not overwhelm the nose but rather sets a cozy, comforting and nostalgic mood. And I am pleased to announce that it is not difficult to find nor terribly expensive. It is Winter by Slatkin & Co., available at all Bath and Body Works stores (which has rather become like Starbuck's with the number of stores in the U.S.) I highly recommend the oil which when added to an oil burner creates an incredibly soothing Douglas Fir tree type scent. The notes include "shimmering pine, crisp bay leaf and red cinnamon." The bay leaf prevents the scent from becoming too cloying or sweet and the fragrance truly does warm the heart and mind.

Please stay tuned for my previously promised review of several offerings from Serge Lutens, which I will be writing later today.

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