Sunday, January 28, 2007

Jean Patou ENjoy

Created by the house of Jean Patou in 2003 for the younger crowd, ENjoy is one of the most underrated yet beautiful fragrances I own. I received a generous spray sample shortly after it was released and although I didn't expect to like it, I remain very pleasantly surprised. After emptying the contents of the spray vial, I enthusiastically purchased a full bottle and body lotion. This sultry fruity-floral contains notes of bergamot, roses, jasmine, vanilla and musk. It can be worn on any occasion. Whenever I wear it, I find myself trying to mimic outfits in InStyle magazine for it inspires in me a picture of a classy, youthful, spontaneous, flirtatious and sensual woman. It lasts all day on my skin and I have received numerous compliments indicating adequate sillage.

A wonderful MUA reviewer, Mayra, summed it up like this, "Feminine and refined but lots of fun. Bottle is classic Patou with a twist: a modern version of the original Joy bottle with amethyst colored juice ... instead, it is a more accessible and less serious approach to refinement and the classic rose and jasmine pairings that the original JOY possesses. Easier to wear. Modern. Rose and jasmine theme with some green (green banana), fruity (blackcurrrant) and warm notes (patchouli, vanilla and amber) thrown in for good measure."

I find it very well balanced, non-cloying and non-artificial smelling and after three years it still holds a front and center place in my collection. For floral lovers looking for an affordable Jean Patou fragrance, this one fits the bill beautifully.

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It can be purchased for as little as $29 for 1 oz. at fragrancex and other online discount stores.

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