Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Discovery

Delightfully I was able to peruse some new shops that have sprung up in a quaint, boutique-y shopping area in Scottsdale over the weekend. The area is called the Waterfront. Inside a tiny little shop full of colorful furnishings and eclectic finds from places like Capri and Sicily, I found the entire Molinard 1849 collection. I was stunned and delighted because I have only seen these fragrances available (so far) at, which is a fantastic website. The ability to test the fragrances in person far exceeds any online shopping experience and I did each one. I have reviewed Un Air de Molinard and find that softly, greenly beautiful. But I discovered true love yesterday with Nirmala in the purple Lalique bottle! What a fruity, fresh, intriguing blend that reminds me of Thierry Mugler's Angel without the patchouli note, making it entirely wearable for me. Tragically, it appeared that the store stocked the fragrances simply because they matched the color scheme throughout the place. There were six customers at once expressing interest in the line, and unfortunately the sales clerk had very little to say about them and promptly left to look for her "fact sheet," losing the interest of all six people. It truly was a sad scene, and I wished I was able to help her become more well-versed but at the moment I recalled so little about the house, other than the fact that it originated in Grasse. This is one expensive bottle, however. At $185 a crack, it requires some saving - a worthwhile sacrifice for a beautiful fragrance. I plan to review once I get my hands on more, so please stay tuned!


chayaruchama said...

I was waiting for that, sweetie !

It's EDP, and worth the splurge, as it lasts longer.
Just don't use the sprayers, they leak.

Love you !

Anonymous said...

Nice discovery, T! I'll have to check this place out, too. I got a Nirmala solid as GWP at Bendel's last fall. I actually love Angel, and can definitely smell the similarity. Maybe I'll pull it out today and revisit this beauty! Hope you're well.

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Chaya Ruchama,

You know me too well, mother! :-) Thanks for the tip on the bottle. Have a wonderful day.


ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...


Oh yes!! Maybe we can focus on Scottsdale for our next Sniffa!! Too bad things are so spread out but we could make it fun. Until I do what we talked about, we're left to stop at many different shops, unfortunately. ;-)