Friday, February 01, 2008

Dior Midnight Poison

My first review from the house of Dior is their latest release from the long lineage of Poison fragrances. Amazingly, this is the only fragrance from the house that I like and can wear, although I am certain that I have not explored them enough. I received an atomizer sample from Macy's of Midnight Poison and was surprised at its lack of punching-me-in-the-stomach-cloying qualities I have found in the others. I would hardly dare to wear this to work, but for a date night with Mr. TMH or a fairly casual evening event, Midnight Poison is nice enough and well done.

The notes include a fruity blend of mandarin, orange and bergamot with a heart of black rose resting on a base of patchouli, amber and French vanilla. During the first full five minutes of wear, I have trouble making out the fruits and instead receive a cloud of synthetic patchouli and black rose. This patchouli has no "earthy" qualities to it but rather reminds me of Prada and other recent releases that claim the originally dirty note. It is clean and almost floral, sweet yet light and this cleanliness is precisely why I like the scent. As the initial burst fades, the refreshing fruits make their appeareance, while the rose note persists. Finally, amber and vanilla dominate the drydown bringing comfort and warmth.

I find the ad very artistic but somewhat misleading. (Click on the word ad to the left to watch it.) The actress Eva Green stars, floating through a grand castle in a long, flowing and elaborate navy, possibly Dior evening gown. As she playfully swings from the jeweled chandelier at midnight, (where did that rope come from?), she is showered with crystals as her own navy crystal necklace shimmers and glows. She glances at the camera seductively for the final shot, as if she is keeping a great secret from us all. The concept of a playful, transforming yet dark and sultry fragrance is fantastic and suberbly implemented. However, it is not how I characterize Midnight Poison at all. Rather, I find it to resemble a naive school girl going on her first date, bolder than she has ever been yet shy and reserved at the core. Perhaps the dominance of "clean" patchouli and the squeaky, clarifying mandarin note prevent me from getting overheated. It takes a lack of clarity to be truly mysterious, don't you think? Nonetheless this fragrance has a place and I encourage others to try it.

Dior Midnight Poison is available at Sephora and most department stores in the United States. It is available 1, 1.7 and 3.4 Eau de Parfum spray, ranging from $45-$82.

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Marilyn said...

I wouldn't characterize Midnight Poison as a fragrance for a "naive schoolgirl". I rather think it smells very ladylike, classy and seductive. Just gorgeous! Too bad it was discontinued.