Monday, April 16, 2007

Agua de Loewe

Crystalline, refreshing, bright, brisk, long-lasting, just what the Dr. ordered on this sad Monday – all excellent adjectives to describe a rare scent called Agua de Loewe. With a name like “agua” you would expect a very marine smelling fragrance. Yet this scent is less marine and more refreshing, bright and airy. It reminds me of the Bvlgari unisex scent Au Thé Blanc with its uplifting, inoffensive, lighter than air quality. It also possesses the refreshing aspects of a high quality vetiver fragrance. Perfect for any occasion, even a day at the office, this scent feels more feminine than masculine. It is the type of fragrance that can be spritzed with abandon and even then it does not overwhelm.

Aqua de Loewe may be difficult to find but I managed to locate a few discounted bottles on fragrance websites. For those who like this one, a 3.3 oz. bottle may not be enough!


Anonymous said...

Hi, T! Just stopping by; needed an escape from the sad news today. Nice to read about a light and airy scent. :) I'd never heard of this one, so thanks for the info! Hope you're well.

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hi L!

I'm glad my blog was a bit of a respite. I found this one on first-in-fragrance. It's made in Spain. I hope you have a good day.