Friday, May 11, 2007

Perfume Blogging

I must offer my response to a controversial topic that has received a lot of attention this week. To my regular readers, I must thank you for your loyalty and attention. To others who may be reading for the first time, I would like to clarify the nature of this blog. Point blank - I do not accept money to review fragrances. Hopefully you will find all of my reviews quite wonderfully subjective. It is, after all, my opinion. I list notes and how they play with each other for objectivity's sake. But to write completely objectively would take the fun out of blogging for me. I continuously point out that scent love is extremely personal. What I abhor you may love and vice versa.

Second, I purchase samples, swap for them and occasionaly receive them from generous SA's at departments stores and through the web. A free sample in no way indebts me to write a good review and I have written several that are obviously unaffected by marketing. If you find most of my reviews to be positive, it is simply because 90% of the time I choose fragrances that I like to discuss. I find my page grimly blank when I do not like a scent.

Those who do accept money from perfumers, I wish them well. My value system prevents me from making a dime doing this. All of the links you see to other blogs follow this same value system. After all, it is only for the love of perfume that we write. Thank you for reading!

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tmp00 said...

I really think this is a huge tempest in a little teapot- I've never read any perfume review that made me think "shill" even if I personally don't agree with it.

After all, we can't like the same scent, much like we won't necessarily like the same color, car or food. It's still interesting to read a well written review, though and it's nice to read so many in the blogosphere, like yours, that are entertaining and informative.

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Yes, yes!! Thank you tmp00. Nice to hear from you.

Noteworthy Fragrances said...

I think you've handled this situation very well. I was reading about a storm 'brewing' and I'm sorry that you have been misunderstood. My philosophy is close to yours in regard to writing perfume reviews. Just because I didn't have a chemical attraction to one scent, doesn't mean that someone else wouldn't wear it everyday for the rest of their life.

Hang in there and write more when you can. Enjoy that new job, the learning curve and all that goes along with change.
You're always welcome at Noteworthy Fragrances.

All the best,

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hello Joyce!

Yes, this post was in response to the storm and it was meant as preventative. I don't know that I was misunderstood yet. I just wanted to make my intent clear to prevent it! Thanks for your support.

Thank you so much for your warm thoughts regarding the new job. Also, your blog looks fantastic! I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.

All the best,