Monday, April 09, 2007

Jalaine Citrus Dream

Developed by Jalaine Summers, Jalaine fragrances defy traditional perfumery formulas based in alcohol. Rather, these delectable scents utilize high quality oils found only in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Today, I review one of the best.

A citrus lover’s dream - fresh, juicy oranges smelling so succulent you could devour them; tart, zesty grapefruit balancing the succulent oranges with some bitterness; creamy white musk weaving through the blend like an off-white thread – Jalaine Citrus Dream ranks as one of the best citrus fragrances available. It strikes a wonderful balance between sweet, tart, zesty and creamy. The juicy citrus does fade, however, in a matter of minutes. What remains for a while is a creamy, fresh, musky blend perfect for refreshment any time of year.

Unlike the vast majority of citrus fragrances, Citrus Dream does not in the least remind its wearer of inexpensive bath and body products. High quality oils and a balanced blend create a refined, luxurious aroma that lasts. My only wish is that I could spray it with abandon, yet that is not possible. I must dab from the bottle that reminds me of an exquisite work of art. Perhaps forced restraint is what makes the house of Jalaine successful. It certainly arouses intrigue for this lover of scent.

Jalaine Citrus Dream is available at, the original 6mL bottle retails for $150, and a refill is $90.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, T! This one sounds quite refreshing! I tried out a littlel citrus myself with Les Nuits d'Hadrien today; it was really nice layered over a little spritz of Ambra del Nepal. Interesting combo that lasted all day! See... I am trying the AG line little by little. :) I'll email you about possibilities for our AG outing!


Marina said...

Sounds delicious. I too wish these scents came in spray bottles and in more formats than just oils.

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Oh, Linda that sounds great!! Nice creativity on your part. Have a great day!


ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hi Colombina,

The formulas are really great, they justify an EDP. Maybe some time in the future. ;-) I know you like Vetiver. I haven't tried that one yet but your review was great.


ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

I'm doing an experiment for how many times I can use the word "great" in one day. LOL