Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Neil Morris Spectral Violet

There are very few people in this world who make a lasting impression on me after a brief meeting. Those that fall into this category are so wonderfully in the moment, incredibly thoughtful or hilariously funny, so full of life that when the image of their face comes to mind I instantly smile. It is as if they mysteriously hold the secret to life and each day is simply an opportunity to express it. Therefore, their encounters with others are always kind, always patient, alway thoughtful and usually fun. One of those people is the unforgettable Neil Morris.

I will never forget how Neil, upon discovering that I am a floral girl after meeting me, retrieved a fragrance he has been developing with the sole aim of testing it on my skin for my delight. After dabbing a little on my ivory skin, he exclaimed"That is exactly how that scent is supposed to smell!" Then a few moments later, "Yes! That fragrance blooms on you!" This brief exchange encapsulates my impression of Neil. It also demonstrates Neil's genuine passion for scent.

I have been longing to review one of his scents ever since. I regret that it took me so long! I chose Spectral Violet because of several of Neil's fragrances I tested, it is the most me. Do not get me wrong. They are all incredible, unique and superlative! Divina of Fragrance Bouquet has recently written wonderful reviews on all of them. Spectral Violet stands out firstly to me because of its name. I picture violets as a silk-screen Andy Warhol piece. That idea epitomizes the fragrance: the beautiful shape and general structure of violets with dynamic, multi-dimensional and colorful embellishments that originate and define the piece. From the purple-red top, to the soft, deep blue and green heart, to the yellow-powder finish, Spectral Violet illustrates beauty and grace. Secondly of the five scents I tested, this scent by far lasted the longest on my skin. Maybe Neil's sentiments are right about this one as well, it "blooms" on me.

I would not call myself a lover of violet fragrances but I do own Norma Kamali Violette, Serge Lutens Bois de Violette and Laura Mercier Violette. Spectral Violet possesses that candied aspect of the flower that the others do. Yet rather than a one-dimensional study of the flower or with a few notes added, what makes Spectral Violet stand way apart from the others is its smooth as silk qualities. No sharp edges exist here. Rather the colorful notes blend into one another like a rainbow - soft, dreamy and stunning - making it truly a masterpiece.

Spectral Violet along with others in the Vault Fragrances collection will be available online at in April (just a few short weeks away!) The Parfums will retail for $150 for 2 oz. and $4 for shipping.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, when I hear about violets in a perfume, i think of the strange love/hate relationship i have with Madame Jolie.. somedays i hate the violet, others it is just sparkling..
this one sounds electrifying.. $150.00 --that is a bit steep.. i have to get two kids through Catholic school and college still.
thank you for the great posts!!

chayaruchama said...

Hello, my dear !
Glad to hear that this is giving you's a lovely thing, and very lasting.
Not unlike you.

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

ACK! Chayaruchama, I forgot to say "Thank you to the tremendous angel of kindness who gifted me with generous samples of all five scents AND introduced me to Mr. Morris!" in my post! I certainly have you to thank for being able to experience this one. And Spectral Violet is soooo nice. Italiangirl said it best - electric! Hugs and kisses!

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Italian girl,

I certainly understand your predicament. This is one case where the decanters come in handy! Are you familiar with the Perfumed Court?? If not, they really are worth checking into and can save lots of $$ without sacrificing a nice collection. ;-) I'm glad my choices for you sparked some interest and I'm curious to hear how you fare.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again. I think it is pretty amazing that you know one of the perfumers associated with this scent and others that you truly enjoy. I am going to get a decant of Gotham.. i have never bought a decant before..

hope you have a great day.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the name of this perfume, and it sounds fabulous! I adore violets, so this goes on my Must Try list. I wonder if Neil would make ME something special, with lilies... :-)

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hello Flora!

I'm glad I could make you aware of this one. He has one called Intimate Lily right now that is quite exquisite. I believe it will be part of the Vault collection.

Anonymous said...

"Intimate Lily" Sigh - now I am officially DOOMED. In a good way of course. ;-)