Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Spring 2008 Top 5

It is that time again - time to come up with our list of Top Five fragrances for the season. Spring holds the honor of being my favorite season to wear fragrance because of my love of soft and romantic florals that are so fitting. Each year I look forward to investigating the offerings perfumers launch beginning in February to appeal to the season of rebirth and growth.

Unfortunately this season I have been somewhat disappointed with new offerings. As excited as I was to try Gucci by Gucci, what I discovered was a near exact imitation of Narciso Rodriguez for Her. John Varvados for Her promised an elegant fragrance in a sensual bottle but left me longing for something more … or something just … more notable (pardon the pun). The new Chloé, the first fragrance launch from the designer since 1975, beckoned me to the counter with its beautiful bottle. Although pleasant, the juice did not move me. Yves Saint Laurent Elle, although appealing with its bright pink bottle, proved no different than other fruity scents with a patchouli base. Unfortunate for certain that most widely available commercial scents are so disappointing to my nose. I am forever on the quest to wear truly remarkable fragrances and hope to always provide you with equally remarkable suggestions. Alas, I am left to reference fragrances from previous years mostly, with one exception. Of all the Spring launches, I find Laura Mercier’s offerings to be stellar. Without further ado, here is my Top 5 list of fragrances I am wearing quite often this season.

5. Laura Mercier Neroli

I have yet to find an orange blossom fragrance I can call my own, that lasts more than a few hours or that does not vaguely resemble the smell of urine once it dries on my skin. Ladies and gents, I have found it! Although it is based on Mediterranean orange blossom, Neroli smells extremely similar to the orange blossoms blooming in my backyard and around my neighborhood. The amber, musk and sandalwood at the base give it resonance and lasting power lacking in other fragrances dedicated to the flower. When I wear this fragrance, I feel an incredible symmetry with the world around me. Orange blossom is one of my favorite natural scents and I am thrilled that at this price point I can enjoy it often. I love to layer Neroli with MMU Cosmetics “Orange Blossom” shower gel and body lotion.

4. Chanel No. 18

That’s right. 18. Not 19. The decant I purchased of this sparkling jewel of a fragrance shortly after it was launched is coming in quite handy these days. No. 18 is from Les Exclusifs collection and it never ceases to uplift and energize with its unique ambrette bouquet. It reminds me of luminous jewels, the color yellow, giggles and babydoll sleeves. Perfect for Spring.

3. Serge Lutens Un Lys

Buttery, creamy, gorgeous lily goodness. Soliflores do not get much better than this. With less than 2mL left in my decant vial, I am savoring every last drop.

2. L’Artisan Parfumeur Iris Pallida

Appropriate for weddings, springtime and days that I want to make my surroundings more interesting by walking on a woodsy, purple cloud, this gorgeous 2007 release from L’Artisan delivers without the metallic quality of other iris fragrances.

Finally, my number one fragrance this spring is ...

1. Thierry Mugler Angel Le Lys

The signature fragrance of my courtship with my husband never gets old. Lilies drizzled with honey and chocolate add decadence to any social affair. I have officially "rediscovered" its beauty this season.

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rosarita said...

I always love to read your choices and reasonings behind them! Will seek out the Laura Mercier, it sounds just lovely, and I had to comment on Angel Le Lys. I won a sample of this on PST last year and have found it to be just beautiful, the only Angel I've enjoyed. Chanel 18, while not *me*, is gorgeous also. So wonderful that spring is finally here! Your excellent post on Arpege has me thoroughly enjoying it as my mild weather floral. :)

risa said...

like you, i haven't found many sterling new spring scents, but have been returning to old standouts. i think i might do a top 5 for spring as well, hmmm...

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hello Anita,

Oh I'm so delighted that Arpege is bringing you happiness this season! Like you, Angel Le Lys is the only one I can wear confidently and I do love it. Knowing that you're enjoying my musings makes writing that much more fulfilling. Thank you for reading Anita!

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...


It certainly has been a disappointing few months! I'd love to see your top 5!