Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gendarme Sky

Topper Schroeder of Gendarme was a featured speaker at Sniffapalooza last weekend and he was quite delightful to listen to. Certainly not a snooty mogul, he fell into marketing perfume a little by accident. He was a consumer like most of us, searching for a fragrance that would not irritate his skin or cause an allergic reaction. Gendarme fit the bill and he began to wear it every day, speaking about it with music industry colleagues and strangers alike. His word of mouth marketing was so successful that he landed several accounts in which to sell it.

Fast forward to today, he has successfully marketed Gendarme, Grabazzi, GendarmeV and Carriere. Lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time, I received a generous spray sample of his newest creation, Sky.

I am fully aware that this scent will probably be marketed to men. However, its soft qualities render it plausible for both men and women. The notes have not been published, so my somewhat naive nose is having a hard time distinguishing them. In their absence, I will focus on what images this scent invokes for me since that is what perfumery is all about, right? Stimulating the imagination? My imagination is triggered quite well by this billowy soft scent. I feel as if I am lying in a field of soft, warm grass, on a cashmere throw with a fluffy pillow beneath my head, staring up at huge, cottony cumulous clouds that transform into comforting shapes. The sun provides just enough warmth for my body as a soft breeze keeps me cool. Next to me, lies my baby wrapped in a silky blanket and I bend to kiss her cheek and sniff her warm, soft skin.

Okay, how many times did I say or describe the word soft? Hopefully, that characterizes Sky for you. What a beautiful scent, for men or women. It will fall into my collection of comforting scents, for those days when I don't want any sharp edges or hard work and love to watch movies, drink lattes and eat cookies. Or lie in fields making shapes out of clouds.

Sky will be launched and available to the public May 7, 2007. You can purchase it at or

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violetnoir said...

I wore many spritzes from my Sky sample (which is more like a full bottle!) on Tuesday, and I have to say that I love it.

If the word "soft" comes to your mind, T, the word "fresh" comes to mine. It's like a breath of the fresh breeze on a crystal clear day at the beach. Maybe with a hint of fresh heather. See? I can't help talking about how fresh this fragrance is.

Whatever the notes are, they are perfection, because this fragrance really evokes the feeling of the sky on a perfect spring day.

Anyway, I am wearing Beauty today, and I am loving this one, too! :)


ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...


I see your fresh and meet it with a note of clean. Soft, fresh, clean ... I think those words could encompass both Gendarme, the original, and Carriere. This house definitely has a knack for developing non-cloying fragrances, eh?

So glad you're enjoying Beauty. Have a great night!