Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Different Company Un Parfum Releases

One of The Different Company's perfume creators, Jean-Claude Ellena, believes in composing a scent based upon an "exceptional base component" and from there incorporating rare, high quality elements. Similar to L'Artisan Perfumeur's concepts but different in its dedication to modern perfumery, The Different Company has recently launched three new fragrances. As a lover of Jasmin de Nuit, I am positively salivating over these new scents.

Un Parfum d'Ailleurs & Fleurs

"A secret garden where Nerolia, a delicate and elegant white flower, reaches out to sensual and sophisticated Tubereuse blooming from the bottom towards the top of her spikes ..."

Un Parfum de Charmes et Feuilles

"When a dreamy young Marjoram and a sensual Jasmine Sambac fall in love with a few fresh Peppermint leaves the concoction turns into a wonderful dream ..."

Un Parfum de Sense et Bois

"A mysterious encounter between the White Violet and the powerful Cedarwood, strengthened by a sprinkle of black pepper, marks the beginning of a sensual and captivating adventure ..."

Yowza! What a classic example of creative writing prompting desire. I cannot wait to try these. In fact, I ordered one unsniffed. The first person able to guess which one, I'll send you a sample when I receive the lovely bottle. And any of you who have tried them, please comment!

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charles said...

I heard about them last year when I was out at Beauty Habit and mention that I was glad that it was water of perfume for the staying power.
Just reading about you some what I was going to guess Un Parfum de Sense et Bois but I thought I wpould play it safe with Un Parfum d'Ailleurs & Fleurs however, I still have this funny feeling it would still be the first...

Victoria said...

Oh my, I'm afraid my reviews were not favorable. I hope they work for you. The one I liked best was Ailleurs et Fleurs - I'm guessing that is the one you ordered. I hope!

TMH256 said...

Hello Charles,
I played it safe too. Apparently these are not as new as I thought. When I was at Scent Bar last week I did not see them, leading me to conclude that they're brand new. Ah well.

TMH256 said...

Good Morning Victoria,

Glad to hear you liked the one I picked! I'm heading to read your reviews right now.

chaya ruchama said...

I've sampled these, and may need to retry...
I'm sad to say, they didn't deliver for me, especially since the forerunners are so spectacular.

Pretty, but not as special as I'd hoped...

Tell us how it works for you !

[BTW- SO glad you liked Air !]

TMH256 said...

Hello Chaya,

Oh no. It looks like my online perfume gambling habit is going to bite me this time. ::crossing my fingers that I'm pleasantly surprised:: And yes, you sent me such a winner with Air. Thank you!

Jeannemarie said...

Un Parfum d'Ailleurs & Fleurs

It's only a guess, but I think, from what I've read about you, this might be the one?


TMH256 said...


You are correct! The sample goes to you my friend when my lovely bottle arrives. Please e-mail me with your address and congratulations!

Jeannemarie said...

Oh my, thank you!

I just sent you an email. Thank you for holding this contest for your readers.

I guess the majority was correct after all, but I went with my first impression. Merci, merci!

You've made my week! Jeannemarie