Monday, March 05, 2007

Bond No. 9 Bryant Park

My first review of the Bond No. 9 line ironically features the 28th fragrance released. I adore Bond No. 9’s “sensory homage” to New York City as much as I adore the city itself, which is quite a lot! Their hip fragrances with modern, whimsical twists contain 18-22 percent concentrations of pure eaux des parfums, meaning their scents linger on the skin and resemble the fragrances from the early 1900’s. That is the idea, anyway.

Michael Almairac from Robertet created this new fragrance. The notes are as follows: top notes - lily of the valley, rhubarb and pink pepper; heart notes – rose and patchouli; base notes – raspberry and amber. At first dab, the tart rhubarb dominates with delicate lily of the valley and spicy pink pepper holding their own in the background. I get some rose after a while, like a delicate rose scented veil, but it never plays a starring role, allowing this fragrance to be worn by men or women. The patchouli is also minimally pronounced and very well blended. I never quite detect the raspberry and amber, even after hours on my skin. Clearly those notes are simply designed to anchor the fragrance and the combination allows the scent to remain dry. Bryant Park is not at all delicate, although I used the word. It makes a fashion statement, as in the mod design of the bottle, and it does so not brazenly, not boldly, but assuredly. That seems quite appropriate for a fragrance inspired by Bryant Park, home to biannual Fashion Week.

Quick update: After spritzing Bryant Park today, Tuesday, I definitely smell more rose but again it is light and dry. This scent is glorious when spritzed!

I must add Bryant Park is vaguely reminiscent of something else I own, Jean Patou Enjoy, without the jasmine. (By the way, I think Enjoy is far underrated. Please read my review.) However, Bryant Park stands on its own as a unique fragrance that can be worn on warmer days well into the summer months. Therefore, I like it a lot and I am sure many others will too!

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Bond No. 9 Bryant Park is available at Saks Fifth Avenue and other department stores, as well as, 50mL retails for $125.


chayaruchama said...

Hello, lovely-

Poopy me, here again, raining on the Bond Parade.

It is pretty, but won't play with me nicely.
Bet it smells delicious on YOU, though.

Ah, youth !

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

LOL Chaya! That's okay ... there are MANY that smell scrumptious on you I'm sure. I see the Lindsay Lohan's of the world snatching this one up, along with oversized sunglasses, back-breaking purses and extravagant treatment center stints (eesh! did I just say that?). I do like this fragrance. But youth is so overrated.