Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Caron Coup de Fouet

After glancing through my list of reviewed fragrances, I discovered that the house of Caron eluded my radar for the past four months. This illustrious house, which recently celebrated a century of fragrance devotion, remains true to fragrance as an art form by bucking fashion trends. Caron persists in employing an in-house nose. In so doing, it ranks among one of the last original perfume houses. Caron has created magnificent fragrances like Aimez Moi, Parfum Sacre and Lady Caron.

Today's pick, Coup de Fouet, translates to "crack the whip." This is no wallflower scent and yet it does not smack you in the bum as the name suggests. Similar to Poivre which is the extrait de parfum of this wonderful scent, Coup de Fouet's blend is based upon a spicy accord, within which carnation and other florals weave beautifully. At first dab, the scent is spicy and sharp, featuring quite vividly red pepper and black pepper. However as the fragrance dries, carnation blooms with ylang ylang to create a soft, sweet, and floral bouquet. The fiery floral heart is what I favor, as the aromatic spices and innocent flowers play together agreeably. This aspect of the fragrance vaguely reminds me of a Chai tea latte, with its savory, creamy merging of sweetness and spiciness. As in the making of Chai, sweetener must be added to highlight the robust spices. So it is with Coup de Fouet where contrasting elements create an exquisite harmony. Opoponax, sandalwood, vetiver and oakmoss compose the balsamic base of this fragrance, giving it a smoky, woodsy quality. The entire effect creates a sophisticated, classic, surprising and refined blend.

I find it entirely wearable for evening and dressier occasions. It will most certainly inspire curiosity as to its origins, for not one currently marketed fragrance remotely resembles it - one of the many loveable aspects of a creation from Caron.

Coup de Fouet, like so many masterpieces, has proved quite difficult to find. I am open to suggestions for places to purchase!

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violetnoir said...

T, it has taken me years to finally start to "get" the Carons. It must be their Mus de Saxe base, which is more difficult to wear than the more accessible Guerlinade base that is the hallmark of all great Guerlain fragrances.

I love Bellodgia and recently purchased a fresh bottle of Parfum Sacre. What a beautiful fragrance! I definitely want to try Poivre. It sounds right up my alley.


ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hello R.!

Oh, if you love Bellodgia you must try this one! Coup de Fouet is spicy but carnations shine through. ;-)

I have heard the Caron base can turn some off. There are others I can't wear because of it - Lady Caron being one. But *this* is exquisite! Let me know what you think after you try!


Divina said...

Ok... I don't think I have ever even _used_ the word lemming before, but seriously... it is now obvious to me that I MUST try this. I honestly cannot wait, it sounds absolutely perfect. Unfortunately I cannot find all the Carons near me, just a few but June is approaching and I will get my chance then!

chayaruchama said...

Well, well !
A favorite [I have so many, it makes me feel a bit promiscuous !].

Easier for many to wear, than Poivre, which is the highly potent extrait form.

You might consider Etro's Dianthus, for a summer all-round wearing; not a soliflore, but a gently spicy floral gavotte based on a carnation theme.
It's got your name all over it...

Happy Mother's Day to your lovely matriarchs-


ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...


I'm glad I created a lemming for you. It happens for me all the time reading yours and other blogs as well! Unfortunately, I only have a tiny sample vial of this jus. I really wish I had more to enjoy. Have a wonderful day!


ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hello Chaya Ruchama!

Glad to hear I picked a favorite of yours! I will give Etro Dianthus a try and thank you for the suggestion. Happy Mother's Day to you, my east coast mother. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I would love to try Carons Bellodgia. I would also like to try Coup de Fouet and Parfum Sacre. Does anyone have any samples for sale? I've searched around to no avail. Before investing in a bottle, I'd really like to try them with my chemistry. I now wear Quelques Fleurs and Badgley Mischka (two of my favoritesl). I've worn Joy years ago, but believe the Caron may be a better choice! Any comments would be helpful. Thanks and sweet dreams!

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...


Cut,paste and shop at this link:

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link....I will definitely check it out.

I just saw up for bid on E-Bay a 3.4 oz. bottle of Badgley Mischka Fleurs de Nuit. I understand this is their second fragrance to be launched in stores in October. I wear their original scent and adore it. I also adore night-blooming jasmine which is one of the green notes of their new fragrance.

The bid is $19.99 and retails for $75. I'd love to bid on it if I could snatch it for a good price. The seller in downtown NYC so it must be authentic (as they show photos of the bar code). I imagine it is fabulous. Just thought I'd pass that along...have you smelt the fragrance?

Thanks again for your reply. I'm not signed up as a member, but adore perfume and thought it would be a blast to chat now and then.