Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Creative Scentualization Perfect Kiss

I dedicate this review to Sarah Horowitz-Thran, founder of Creative Scentualization. Despite her best efforts to launch this dreamboat fragrance for Valentine's Day, regulatory red tape just would not allow it. Therefore I chose to wear my Perfect Kiss sample today, Valentine's Day, and live to tell about it.

This being my first Valentine's Day as a married woman, it was very important for me to choose a fragrance fitting the occasion. Sarah, you have created a masterpiece with this one. I absolutely love it. The notes that were outlined for us at Sarah's workshop escape me now, although I do remember chocolate being one of them. I've never been a chocolate scent lover. I'd rather devour an entire bag of M&M's dark than sniff chocolate on my wrist all day. Nonetheless, Perfect Kiss resonates chocolate covered strawberries and everything that goes with them, kisses, roses, hugs, and love. Perfect Kiss smells sweet but not overly so, interesting enough to be complimented and feminine. It quite simply is the perfect Valentine's Day scent! I smell delicious, huggable and snuggable today ... just how I'd like to be. My only regret is that I have a tiny sample vial. I could bathe in this!

A great aspect the Creative Scentualization line offers is the ability to layer with body cream, scent oil and EDP. The body creams are very true to scent so I foresee purchasing Perfect Kiss in the cream and EDP formulation when it becomes available March 21st (thank you R!). You can purchase the product directly from the Creative Scentualization website: I imagine luckyscent and others will offer it as well. Happy Valentine's Day to my wonderful fragrance friends. You are loved today and every day!


violetnoir said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too, darling!

I think PK has night blooming jasmine, honeysuckle, white roses, vanilla flower, sandalwood and maybe musk in it. I have to read the material from CS again. But the good news is, T, that it is available on March 21st, not April 1st. The latter date is when the one that I love, Beauty, debuts at Barneys. Darn it!

I think that I will wear my sample of Beauty tomorrow. :):)


ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Yeah!! Thank you Violet. Funny thing, I smell none of those - just fruit and chocolate!! I will have to edit to correct the date. Sarah said to me when I told her I love Perfect Kiss, "April 1st!" So that's where I got that. I appreciate your diligence!! Please let me know how Beauty wears on you. :-)


violetnoir said...

I am wearing my sample of Beauty today. It's so lovely. I am a bit frustrated because I want to spray with abandon, and I only have this little sample to dab here and there(I know you feel that way about PK). Dern it all! April 1st is miles away!


Victoria said...

There was a hand out??? I strained my little brain to get the notes for nothing? Anyway, I agree it's lovely. I will be in line with you to buy it when it comes out!

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Violet, I'm so glad you're enjoying Beauty. The notes are incredible. If it helps at all, I know exactly how you feel. I need a vat of Perfect Kiss, not a sample vial. LOL!

Hugs to you today!

Anonymous said...

I have just bought some beautiful flowers and chocolates from FTD for the Valentines day.