Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Antonia's Flowers Floret

I had the pleasure of meeting Antonia herself in New York City last fall. Quite a humble and kind woman she is; humble in the sense that she has created amazing fragrances and simply sees herself as being of service to the perfume community, and kind in the sense that she gave items to me and my contemporaries that are quite valuable. One of these items is a gorgeous purse sized spray of a delightfully floral, fruity fragrance called Floret. Inspired by the "rambling" sweet peas in her grandmother's garden, the bouquet centers mostly around the pinky, purple flower. With marigold, apricot, lily of the valley, rose and tuberose added, the bouquet is as sweet as springtime, as fruity as punch and just downright precious. I get loads of lily of the valley which makes me very happy. I was quite a fan of the flower as a little girl and they grew abundantly in our back yard. I adored the tiny little bells that adorned the large green leaves and wondered how I could bottle their delicate scent. So Floret finds a place in my book for a full bottle purchase simply for realizing my childhood dreams. It reminds me of all things innocent, sweet and cheerful - like a smiling little girl in a frilly dress. I will wear it on days that I am feeling particularly girly and whimsical, to add bounce to my step and sweetness in my wake. No more than one or two spritzes is all you need! The staying power on my skin lasts all day. Pardon me for being particularly short-winded today. As you may agree with your own experience, I know a good thing when I smell it!

Floret is available in EDT and EDP formulations and ranges anywhere in price from $21 for a purse spray to $140 for a 2 oz. EDP custom bottle. Matching body lotion is also available, all at Image from said website.


Divina said...

Dearest Tamara, I haven't tried this one yet (although now that I've read your description I will certainly test it next time I am in the shop that carries her line in Amsterdam) but I do have the homonymous original and it has a similar effect on me: it simply makes me happy. It feels a little bit like sunlight. I don't wear it outside cause I find it too incongruent with who I am and what I want to project, but it gives me a lot of pleasure on gray, rainy days when I am in the house, longing for the sun to shine.


ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

"It feels like a little bit of sunlight" is a perfect description! The sun always shines where I live so it doesn't meet that need. However, I do feel similar about this one. It's not entirely congruent with who I am but when I need a little pick me up, it fits the bill! Let me know what you think after you try it. ;-)

Hugs to you,

chayaruchama said...

All her scents are uplifting- and she is such a down-to-earth lady, isn't she ?

Happy Mother's Day, darling.
I love you.

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Yes! You brought tears to my eyes Chayaruchama. I love you, too!

helene kirschbaum said...

I've loved Floret since the day it discovered me at the was like one of those old Warner Bros cartoons, where a ribbon of scent sneaks around a corner, resolving itself into a human hand that leads you, feet just above the ground, to its source. My librarian is very nice, so I didn't have to take her by the lapels and haul her over the reference desk to find out the name of this intoxicating scent....I ordered a bottle the same day and have been a slave to it from that day. It reminds me, not of the childhood I had, but the one I wish I had....