Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Escada Collection

I bought this scent for my mother back in 2001. She was fresh on the tail end of a divorce and needing a unique, celebratory scent. Always ready to oblige when it came to perfume, off I went to Nordstrom to browse the new offerings. I specifically remember the saleswoman and her excitement about this scent. She said, "This is unlike anything you've ever worn before." She sprayed it on my wrist and I told her I'd be back after it dryed down. I swooned and thought to myself, "Be unselfish. The idea is giving T. Mom needs this." Luckily (or not), my mother and I have almost identical chemistry. Scents that work for me work for her as well! After experiencing the top and heart of the fragrance, back to Nordstrom I went to fork out the over $100 for a full bottle. That was the most I had ever spent on a perfume! But the rewards were worth it when Mom used all of it in less than six months. She loved it.

This fragrance still elicits for me fond memories of spending time with my mother just after I relocated to Arizona. It was a very unique time for us. Neither one of us were romantically attached, she provided a home for me while I searched for a job and dated obsessively. I learned to dance Argentine Tango, an art that Mom had nearly mastered. The milangas or social dances provided us a venue to socialize, get some exercise and some non-sexual affection from older men. All the while Mom smelled of Collection. Thus it is no surprise that this scent is a comforting one to me.
Thankfully, my mother is as fickle with fragrances as I am. After her bottle of Collection was gone she moved on to another equally sophisticated fragrance. Therefore, onto my wishlist it went. And low and behold, a sweet MUA'er purchased a full bottle for me in a gift exchange!! I was stunned and excited. I received the 2003 edition in the rhinestone decorated navy blue bottle. I keep it in its plastic container to this day as this fragrance is special and coveted.
No longer in production, Collection has oft been duplicated but never mastered. Ginestet Bortrytis bears a very close resemblance but it's not quite as rich. With top notes of mandarin, and cola, a heart of jasmine and tuberose and a rich base of sandalwood, ambrosin and tonka bean, Collection is sophisticated, dressy, warm and sensual. I wore it at my wedding reception and received rave reviews but I've also accessorized it with a t-shirt and jeans. It is truly like no other and reserved for women. Escada has turned its attention to the younger, fruity scent-loving crowd and created some very mediocre fragrances the last few years. If Escada brought back Collection in a newly decorated bottle and its wearers learned to Argentine Tango, the world would be a better place.

Collection can be purchased at http://www.1stperfume.com/ at around $150 for 1.7 oz.
Tango image from Caltech Ballroom Dance Club
Perfume image from www.1stperfume.com


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story about this scent you gave me, I remember it well and think of tango in its memory. Lovely, as you are.

melody said...

I've been looking all over for the Escada "collection" perfume for a long time....I followed your link but of course, they are out too. Got any other links? My grandkids are hooked and always love to cuddle up for whiff of carmelized Nana.

Brwneyedgrl08 said...

Such a wonderful scent! I've loved this scent since the first time I smelt it, it's been in my collection ever since. It's my husbands favorite out of all my perfumes.

I check to see if FragranceNet.com has it and they do for a great price! It's a great site, I've purchased from them in the past, always been pleased. Also they have coupon code you can use such as this one, PVF8 where you can get an extra 15% off!

Check them out.. they are also running a contest right now, where you can enter to win a Prada Handbag and Prada Perfume Gift Set! All you have to do to enter is give in your email address, and you are entered to win! For more information and contest details, you can visit here http://www.fragrancenet.com/f/net/promotions/prada.html

Good Luck!