Monday, September 03, 2007


To my readers:

I am very pleased to announce Divina (of Fragrance Bouquet) and I have decided to feature joint entries. The first and third Monday of every month will be devoted to a topic. The first is Perfume for the Occasion, where we will discuss a specific occasion and the perfect scent to accompany you for it. On the third Monday, we will feature Forget Me Not, inspired by our readers to highlight a long forgotten or classic fragrance that you may already own!

This month, Perfume for the Occasion's subject will be "Going to the Gym." Look for that post later on today. Forget Me Not will post on September 17th, fragrance to be announced. And finally, we will post our Fall Top 5 on September 30th.

I look forward to bringing you more features in the future and I am very excited about these two joint features to start! We hope you are excited also. Of course, if there are specific fragrances you would like us to discuss for Forget Me Not, please do not hesitate to suggest, as always.


Divina said...

I love the image you chose! It made me smile :)

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Isn't it perfect? :-)