Friday, October 10, 2008

Fresh Mandarine Amber

Before I begin, I must provide a disclaimer. It has been over six months since I have written an extensive and well researched perfume review and I am quite rusty! As with mastering any skill, consistent practice is essential to creative writing and I am so long out of practice I am embarrassed. So please forgive my awkwardness and brevity in writing. I promise I will smooth out my style as I become re-accustomed to this art form.

I received Fresh Mandarine Amber as part of a sample packet from the Perfumed Court. I have become mesmerized by amber fragrances of late; therefore I ordered a smattering of sophisticated ambers to dazzle my nose as the days in the inferno become cooler (and my growing little girl prepares for her debut!)

Unfortunately, my first pick of the set is impossible to find online. I have had trouble even getting a list of notes! So I will relay as best I can the qualities of this scent. Upon first sniff, I am overwhelmed with what seems like a cardamom-gingery accord. It is nice enough but most certainly reminiscent of a spice rack and it progresses to celery seed as the scent develops. Mandarin, if it is present, is entirely overwhelmed by the spices to which I refer. Any hint of sweetness at the top is very quickly replaced by a a flat, uninspiring and watered-down bouquet. In fact, it reminds me of the herbs I was taking in preparation for pregnancy, as prescribed by my acupuncturist. They smelled okay before mixed with water but were horrid to drink. I braced myself the three times per day I had to ingest them. Mandarine-Amber is not that scowl-inducing but it does remind me of the scent of the herbs.

The last disappointment is the absolute absence of that lovely amber accord I so anxiously await. I am searching for warmth, a little sweetness and lots of sex appeal and I find none. Just. Spice racks. Perhaps this is why the scent is not available to the masses. Maybe like the progression of the fragrance on my skin, its appeal to fragrance mavens just fizzled? It always breaks my heart when I cannot uncover one redeeming quality about a fragrance. But in this case, I cannot. All is not lost, however. There are many other more enigmatic Fresh fragrances to choose from! I may review another one soon. And next week's amber pick will be a bombshell!

As mentioned in my review, I was unable to locate a bottle or price online. If any readers have more information about this fragrance, please fill me in and I will update!


rosarita said...

Hello, T, how nice to *see* you and to hear you're doing well in your happy anticipation. :) Amber is a favorite of mine too, esp. at this time of year. If you're interested in a cheap thrill, I can recommend Yves Rocher Voile d'Ambre, imo the best of the YR fragrances. The body products are especially nice, and while shipping takes forever, YR does have sales constantly. Take care!

rosarita said...

Oh, I almost forgot! There's a new line of oil blends that are being produced by a MUA member, Candice: The two I've purchased are wonderful and very versatile and affordable; she included a sample of Amber Incense which I may have to buy too, and has also come out with Amber Coffee, which is getting good reviews. AI has that round warmth that I love in amber scents with no sharpness. Worth checking out (more info also on nowsmellthis & perfumeposse.)

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hello Anita!

Great to *see* you as well! As always, you have wonderful recommendations. Thank you. I have heard many rave reviews for Voile d'Ambre so I must try it. And how exciting for CJ!! I will definitely check out her website!


Unknown said...

Mandarin Amber is a sensual blend of fresh mandarin and Calabrian bergamot sparkling with juicy lychee and Moroccan jasmine, wrapped in Mandarin Amber and sandalwood India oil and finished with a warm cashmere wood and sultry musk. Becker. Mandarin Amber is bold and distinguished while still classy and understated.

Guaranteed ROI

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Thank you so much Sharyl! Can you please site the source? It sounds so much better than I experienced it!

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