Sunday, June 03, 2007

Laura Tonatto Ambrosia

When I hear the word ambrosia, I recall the multitude of picnics during my youth, where family or friends would add an ambrosia salad to the menu of grilled meat, chips and vegetables. Ambrosia was a mixture of fruit (the best ones included maraschino cherries), coconut and marshmallows. Having a powerful sweet tooth from a very young age, this "salad" (read dessert) was quite often my favorite dish. I would attempt to pile ridiculous amounts, more than my little body could possibly devour, onto my plate. Therefore, to this day, any item with ambrosia in its title garners my interest.

Laura Tonatto Ambrosia bears no resemblance whatsoever to my childhood memories. Rather, it is vastly more sophisticated. Its namesake refers to the opulent nectar of gods in Greek mythology. And its scent is developed using the finest ingredients from Grasse, France, the originating location of the art of perfume as we know it. This scent is truly a chameleon with a remarkably dynamic development, like the themes of ancient Greek comedies which gave ordinary, every day people a chance at better circumstances.

It begins with a startlingly realistic rose note, and a voluptuous red rose it is. This rose conjures romantic dozens of them, elegant and timeless, like those utilized quite often during courtship. It is zesty, green and a little sharp at first, softening to a creamy bouquet. Just as the wearer settles in and relishes being surrounded by rose petals, the vanilla and amber slowly make their appearance. The rose maintains a strong presence center stage, while vanilla plays a supporting role for quite a while. Subdued amber serves to gently warm up the fragrance like soft background lighting during a particularly dramatic scene. Ironically, sweet vanilla overtakes all others toward the end of our hypothetical comedy. With ladanum to anchor it, the vanilla note proceeds through its delightful monologue with languor and dreaminess.

Laura Tonatto Ambrosia will easily satisfy lovers of rose in fragrance. It bears a slight resemblance to Bond No. 9 West Side, with a little less amber and a lot more rose and it possesses the feminine, frilly qualities of Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose. If you like your rose straight up, Ambrosia may be a little too warm and vanillic. However, with its dynamic qualities and beautiful interplay of notes, this captivating scent certainly remains true to its name.

Laura Tonatto Ambrosia may be difficult to find online. I located one e-tailer, HQ Outlet Store, 100mL retails for £40.50 but I was not able to access an order form. The website is definitely worth a peek and tells the story of this creative line,

Image source: Rose -; Greek Amphitheatre near Taormina, Sicily -

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