Friday, April 18, 2008

Montale Aoud Roses Petals

Delightfully, my first experience with Montale Aoud fragrances just happens to be one that is softened by quintessential rose. I am not certain why I am so late on this bandwagon. It seems to be a condition of my life. I tend not to follow the herd but rather stay in the field chasing butterflies until what the herd is drawn to strikes my fancy at a much later date. By then, the others have reached a crescendo, consequently lost interest and see me as terribly behind. I am willing to risk that "behind" label in favor of authentic interest. So here I am ... authentically interested in the Aouds.

I am quite pleasantly surprised by this first fragrance. What I expected to be medicinal, harsh and slightly in need of scrubbing is in fact pleasant, intriguing, and unique. Thank goodness for my aoud virgin nose, the aoud is shrouded in this scent, shrouded in gauze curtains scented with roses. Yet this is no blushing, dewy, pink rose. It is a confident, slightly dirty red rose absolute strengthened by geranium, giving it a liquor-y, opaque feel. It has a rich, earthy quality, as if the petals are surrounded by damp pebbles over fertile soil and the soil gives the flower strength to endure. The fragrance does not change much from start to finish, as if the confident rose possesses stamina.

The wearer of this fragrance should possess total confidence and charisma and if she is a woman red lipstick is required. There is a certain subtle sex appeal about the scent due to its redolent, raw, boozy and earthy nature. It is not quite me, although I can imagine wearing it to an elaborate affair requiring a cocktail dress and fishnet stockings. Considering events such as these are rare in my life today, I probably will not apply Montale Aoud Roses Petals often. But if I were a fancy socialite living in New York City? You bet!

Montale Aoud Roses Petals is available at A 50mL spray retails for $150.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the review as I feel like I am like you, always late to the party.
But, darn, I am not a red lipstick personality, I don't think the perfume would work on me. I feel my lips are too pouty to wear red lipstick!!! I was a teenager before big, pouty, lips were popular and I have always been self conscious about them.. Make up counter sales girls LOVE my lips and try to get me to try deeper colors, etc.. Geesh nowadays,people pay to get them pumped up..
Anyway, my new goal is to try a Montale before summer..and run 3 miles without stopping.
Any other ideas for my first Montale would be appreciated.

Ciao Bella

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hi Italian Girl!

Isn't it amazing that we're often ashamed of our best features? I'll bet you look stunning in red lipstick. With my red hair, I have to be very careful with the shade of red I wear, otherwise I end up looking like a clown. I think any woman can be a red lipstick personality with enough confidence. But this Montale probably isn't the best one to try first, red lipstick or not. Musk to Musk is one of my favorites. It's not musk in the traditional sense and very unlike other musk fragrances I've tried because it has so many dimensions. It's spicy, slightly woodsy, soft and cozy and it doesn't scream, "I really want to have sex!" like other musk fragrances do. Hehe. Good luck with your goals, my friend. They are terrific and I have no doubt you'll achieve them!

Ciao Ciao Bellissima