Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Poll for the Weekend!

I never like to leave things on a bad note and considering my review of the previous fragrance, I thought I would lighten things up a bit with a bubbly poll! I will randomly draw a response to receive a large sample of my By Kilian fragrance, Liaisons Dangereuse, which has now made it to the West coast! (Lucky Scent and Apothia both stock them now.)

1. Of the fragrances you have tested in the last month, how many full bottles have you purchased?
2. If you received a sample from BodyNew, do you like it? If so, what do you like about it? (If you do not know what this is referring to, just reply n/a.)
3. What is your favorite aspect of this time of year?
4. What is your favorite flower that blooms this time of year?
5. If you were to characterize yourself by a fragrance category (spicy/woodsy/floral/chypre/green/fresh/gourmand), which one would it be and why?

My answers:
1. 0
2. I loved sharing!
3. Birdsongs most of the morning and baby quail
4. Honeysuckle
5. Floral simply because I adore floral fragrances and I enjoy being a woman


risa said...

hey there T! fun poll :) my answers:

1) 1 - Drole de Rose
2) n/a
3) the way the wind feels as it strokes and plays with my hair and skin.
4) hyacinths!
5) i'm an oriental-lover. :)

Anita said...

Hi, T! Can't resist a poll :)

1. 1, just today. Mark Jacobs Blush, a cute 1 oz bottle at Marshall's for $10. A fresh jasmine scent that manages to be warm at the same time.
3. So many things, but watching the bare branches of trees slowly turn green & leafy.
4. Again, so many! Can't resist the smell of hyacinths, either.
5. I have loves that span genres, but am especially drawn to spicy, woodsy scents. I like the deep basenotes in wood & incense fragrances.

toastyfrenchy said...

1. Full bottles - 0. I did purchase the roller balls of Carolina Herrerra 212 and the original Stella by Stella McCartney. (I'm a fan of rollers, since I hardly ever use up an entire bottle!)
2. n/a
3. Open windows.
4. Tulips.
5. Floral!

edwardian said...

1. 1, Eau de Guerlain: it has the pure simplicity of genius and seems perfect for every moment of the day.
2. n/a
3. Those days that start out a bit foggy and humid, then the sun comes out...
4. violaciocca (sorry, I don't know its english name)
5. the category Vol de Nuit is in

TMH256 said...

Hello Risa,

I see you in Orientals so that is very fitting! Enjoy the breezes. :-)

TMH256 said...

Hello Anita!

I have been wearing Marc Jacobs Blush lotion intermittently and I agree it is a beautiful fragrance. Ten dollars is a steal! That reminds me, I should have added TJ Maxx and Marshall's to my tip on buying because great deals can be found there! For woodsy/incensey have you yet tried Dark Amber & Ginger Lily from Jo Malone? It has that deep resonating feel about it.

TMH256 said...


Great to hear from you! Stella is a fab choice and I like roller balls as well, since you know I'm a fan of smaller sized fragrances. I adore open windows as well, although I have to admit our air-conditioning is on already due to 90+ degree weather. But the month that we were able to open our windows was glorious!

TMH256 said...


Violaciocca must be a type of violet, eh? Never have I seen flowers more beautiful than those of Sicily and Northern Italy! I believe Vol de Nuit would fall in the "audacious chypre" category. Hehe. I'm sure you wear it well.

Jenavira13 said...

1. Cuir de Lancome
2. n/a
3. Sitting under a tree and watching the green leaves move in the wind, also the rolling green grass in the wind.
4. Irises
5. woodsy

italian girl said...

1. A bottle of Light Blue, and a bottle of Brown sugar and Fig from Bath and Body Works edt.
3. The Sun comes out!!! and a temperature hits above 32 degr
4. Lilacs in a bout 3 weeks, but not as a scent in perfume.
5. Chypre of any kind, because they make me feel good.

Thanks for the chance to play.

dsb said...

1. - 1- also scored Blush at Marshalls...last bottle!
2. n/a
3. Spring rainstorms
4. Wisteria mingling in branches of other trees
5. spicy floral

Claudia said...

1. 0
2. N/A
3. Being able to have the windows open and letting the fresh spring air into the house!
4. Lilac
5. Woodsy, for no other reason than I just love woodsy fragrances!

Ines said...

1. One - Annick Goutal Ananas Fizz
2. N/A
3.smell of spring and longer sunny days
4. magnolia and lilac (sorry, can't choose just one, and I did leave out the daisy) (but usually with floral notes) - I like freshness and that's what green smells like to me- youth, energy, freshness, happiness

Anonymous said...

1) Parure by Guerlain
2) no samples
3) sudden snow flurries that you know don't mean winter since it is now spring!
4) almost all of them but probably linden (not till late spring)
5) chypre

tricia said...

1. 1 bottle - Perles de Lalique

2. n/a

3. the smell of wet dirt and cut grass

4. daffodil

5. chypre, woodsy, spicy - in that order, more or less - I just prefer dirt, I guess :)

TMH256 said...

Hello Jenavira!
Your "under a tree" image is beautiful.

TMH256 said...

Italian Girl,

I remember those weeks on end where we didn't see the sun in Chicago. It inspired me to move! Hehe. Lilacs are my favorite flower that blooms where you live. Unfortunately, here they're no where to be found. :(

TMH256 said...


Great find at Marshall's once again! Spring rainstorms are so comforting.

TMH256 said...

Hello Claudia!

Have a wonderful day. Great choices!

TMH256 said...


I'm with you! Ananas Fizz is a perfect full bottle choice for this time of year since it will last through the summer as well!

TMH256 said...

Good Morning Kim,

Thanks for sharing! I'll have to check into Parure. I'd not heard of it before your comment.

TMH256 said...

Hello Tricia,

Beautiful! I've never seen so many daffodils as when I was in Ireland in March. They were everywhere and so beautiful!

Cirka said...

1. one-Prada Infusion d'Iris
3.the smell of the spring garden and the breeze
4. lily of the valley
5. definitely floral

TMH256 said...

Hello Cirka,

Lily of the valley is so delicate and cold - love it!

Anonymous said...

1 0
2 no sample
3 Renewal of plant life
4 Lily of the Valley
5 Floral-I love flowers

Elaine R

Ines said...

Oops. :) I realized while I was lying in my bed that the fact I'd like to buy a fragrance from A. Goutal makes me attribute everything to her. :) My Ananas fizz is L'Artisan Parfumeur - sorry. :)

TMH256 said...


Not a problem at all. I knew what you meant! :-)

TMH256 said...

Hello Elaine!

Thanks for playing.