Saturday, May 12, 2007

Random Collection Selection: Bulgari Blu

Bulgari ranks among houses such as Cartier and Dior for producing refined, sophisticated fragrances. The Bulgari's descend from an ancient family of Greek silversmiths. In the mid-19th Century Sortirio, the founder of the family, emigrated from Greece to Rome where he set up shop. Following years of gemstone design and fashion, Bulgari perfumes established itself in Switzerland in the 1990's. Today the house produces over eighteen fragrances for men and women.

Bulgari Blu's top notes are bergamot and ginger, with middle notes of fresh wisteria, musk, sandalwood, and flax flower. The scent concludes with a mix of vanilla and acacia. When the invigorating, exhilarating aspects of bergamot and ginger fade, a fresh, waxy, clean and somewhat soapy heart emerges. This is not your grandmother's soap, however. It is a dry, simultaneously cold and warm, sensually clean bouquet. What keeps the flax flower and wisteria from squeaking with cleanliness is the ever so light musk and sandalwood, which deliver a truly woodsy undertone. Finally, vanilla and acacia, while not pronounced, maintain the soft, sensual effect all day on my skin. I characterize this scent as captivating and soft. My husband buries his nose in my neck and my pet cat moves a little closer when I wear Blu. (Yes indeed, pets respond to fragrance!)

Bulgari Blu, described as "fire and ice, passion and poise," found its way into my collection about six years ago. I reach for it when I am seeking comfort or desiring a scent that is at once soft, sexy and clean. Despite its cobalt blue rather masculine bottle, the fragrance inside reminds me of an ivory silk pashmina, seemingly plain but nonetheless swank. Like Blu, an ivory pashmina has the ability to transform any outfit from drab to chic with a simple toss around the shoulder. In addition, Blu is delightfully flexible in its appropriateness. A day at the office? Sure. A night on the town? Most definitely. Throw it on when you want to add style to your ensemble or captivate others enough to say, "What smells so good?" Those words are music to a perfume maven's ears and I find them spoken abundantly when Blu is my fragrance.

Bulgari Blu
can be found at numerous online fragrance discounters. See my post about online shopping for suggestions.

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