Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Today is a very sad day. The thing about sadness is it hits you when you least expect it. One minute you can be on top of the world, anticipating wonderful things, noticing all the beauty in this crazy world of ours, sniffing your wrists joyfully and tapping your foot to a great song. And then "it" happens. Whatever "it" is ... it could be a car accident, a painful realization, an encounter with a rude person, or ..... bad news. Today my husband and I received some very bad news.

So what do you do with the sadness? Do you just move on with your day as if nothing has happened? Do you clean obsessively? Do you blow off work and go get an ice cream cone? Do you stuff down your tears and hope they go away? Or do you get your car washed and an oil change? This perfumista did the latter. Yep. That's what I did with my sadness ... that is until I could sit with Jeffrey and talk it out hours later. And when we sat, I cried. And cried. I'm still crying. It feels like my house is crying, the sky is crying, the world is crying.

No, neither one of has a fatal illness, none of our loved ones died, and things are still relatively okay. My heart goes out to those dealing with those scenarios. The human spirit is amazing and the strength people can muster during times of sadness inspires me greatly. Thank goodness I married my husband. He sees the silver lining of it all and can be a rock of faith when I am lacking it.

So, perfumistas, I have a strange desire to wear a black fragrance today. I don't own any. Leather, incense, patchouli and woodsy notes have never struck my fancy. But right now, I wish I had one.

What is your favorite black fragrance?

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chaya ruchama said...

Dear Lady-

Now is no time to speak of our travails.

I'm sending you healing warmth and wishes for less pain, to you and DH...

TMH256 said...

Thank you so much sweet one! Your warmth and wishes are greatly appreciated. I'll be back to my regular blogging tomorrow.


colombina said...

I am so sorry! Sending you the bestest of wishes.

TMH256 said...

Thanks dearest M.!! You are very thoughtful and we feel your wishes.

Noemi said...

I hope the cloud of sadness lift soon. Think of sunny days. ;-) When I'm in a sad mood, i tend to wear Lauren by Ralph Lauren. The perfume is not meant to get me out of my gloom mood, but rather make me go back to a-not-so-happy time in my life back in the 80's. For me, it's a reminder that even if time aren't good now, it will definitely get better. Just hang in there!