Sunday, February 18, 2007


TodayI bring up the topic of joy. Not Joy the perfume, but rather joy the emotion, the state of happiness, giddiness, keen pleasure. In thinking about the state of affairs in our country, our world and the emotions that bind humans together, I believe that although sadness inspires kindness, joy is what cements relationships indelibly. Think about your youth. What are those moments that brought you profound joy? What were you doing? Who were you surrounded by? More than likely, the people who surrounded you hold a dear and special place in your heart.

Today I am on a mission - a mission to experience more joy in my life. Like most things, it simply involves a decision and a commitment to practice certain behaviors. Have you ever heard people say happiness is an inside job? If you're anything like me, you find that quote irritating. How in the heck do I change what's on the inside when I'm surrounded by fear, worry, frustration and violence? The answer is simply to choose your thoughts. Much easier said than done. But focusing on what makes me happy and brings me joy, rather than what doesn't, is the first step. Second step is to do something every day that brings me joy. Third is to spread that joy simply by smiling at people throughout the day and looking for opportunities to make others happy.

Let's focus on the second point, what brings me joy? Blatantly obviously, perfume does. Nice smells do. Also, playing with and holding my cat, exchanging witty comments with my husband, browsing a book store, sipping a mocha latte, hiking in the sunshine, discovering a new topic to write about, packaging fragrance samples for friends, watching a thought provoking movie, having lunch with a friend, getting a massage, immersing myself in a great book, traveling to a new place and exploring, yoga, songs by U2, organizing and decorating my home, watching children play or playing with them!, finding something so funny that I laugh until I can't breathe, acting silly, creating something beautiful .... you get the idea.

My blog wouldn't be complete without listing the scents that bring me joy:
  • Annick Goutal Quel Amour

  • Annick Goutal Les Nuits d'Hadrien

  • Creative Scentualization Perfect Nectar

  • Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey

  • L'Artisan Ananas Fizz

  • Thanks to Chaya, Air de Molinard

So dear readers, what brings you joy? What scents bring you joy?

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Anonymous said...

I love the things that young kids say that take you completely off guard, for example, when they say something you think is completely original and so cute. Our son once said when he was about three years old after cuddling up with us "I love warmth, and I hate the coldth!"

The funny, touching things kids say brings me joy.

Favorite scents:

Anne Pliska (drenched in ambery/orange blossom warmth)
Molinard de Molinard (elegant and refined, yet warmer than Caleche by Hermes)
Hiris by Hermes (an incredibly beautiful scent, iris roots and all! An Easter/spring perfume)

Gail S said...

Wildflowers blooming in the spring bring me joy!

And in keeping with that theme, Garden Made by Davies Gate, Chanel No.19 and Aliage by Estee Lauder are bringing me joy right now as I think of all the green things about to start sprouting out.

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

I love your son's quote and laughed out loud at it. So innocent and yet so true! Your description of Anne Pliska as ambery/orange blossom warmth is prompting me to purchase a full bottle. Must. Spray!

It sounds as though I should also try Molinard de Molinard. Thanks for your lovely comment. :-)

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Oh, wild flowers are so happy. Garden Made is so reminiscent of them too!

Victoria said...

Scents that make me happy:
Anne Pliska - so many memories
Calypso Mimosa - so sunny
Keiko Mecheri Hanae - cuddly
DSH Fresh Carnation - like getting flowers
Marc Jacobs Blush - fresh air and flowers

Marina said...

What a lovely post! The ultimate joy I can think of is my little one. Little joys are, of course, perfumes, books, Saturdays night with DH, spent watching re-runs of our favorite shows...gosh, I can't think of anything else :-) Joyous perfumes...Bois de Paradis immediately comes to mind, as well as Jean Patou 1000.

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Marc Jacobs Blush. Oh, fresh air and flowers indeed! And Anne Pliska I have a feeling will hold a front and center place in many joyful moments in my future. How great to have one scent reminiscent of multiple memories!

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

I can only imagine the joy that your little one brings to your life! And reruns with DH sound fantastic as do your scent choices.

Anonymous said...

Seems so strange to make "joy" a topic. Usually when one thinks of a topic it revolves around some issue, political, social or otherwise, and tends to be more cerebral. We feel the need to analyze it and dissect it, so that we can understand its true nature. But maybe "joy" is in fact a topic, from the Greek origin, "topos", a literary convention that represents a motif. "Joy" has always manifested itself as such an elusive motif in my life. I continue to seek it out but it does not come when it is summoned. It seems to only come naturally when I ALLOW IT. As the lovely, beautiful, sexy, witty, charming, intelligent author put it (who happens to be my wife ;), "When I choose it". Ironically, the height of joy is only achieved once you have felt the depths of pain. What a price to pay for a sincere smile.

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

That's my husband. I just LOVE him. :-)