Monday, March 05, 2007

"Bad" Weddings

After seeing a thread on a wedding board today, I would like to ask a favor of those who believe they attended an awful wedding. Please don't tell anyone that you thought it was awful, even if you are a vendor. Focus on the elements that need a little help for a future bride but don't ever call someone's nuptuals or reception "bad."

The wedding business has gotten out of hand, in my opinion. With the contest to out-do the Jones' and put on an elaborate event, in many cases the importance of marriage has been buried by materialism, pretentiousness and grandiosity. I have attended dozens of weddings and even the events where cold-cuts were served qualified as special in my mind. It is the beginning of a couple's life together and therefore deserving of respect, no matter the budget or planning skills of the bride and groom.

Have a little respect, people. Mkay?

End of rant. :-)
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Anonymous said...

Thank you.

I am sure that almost anyone would say that my own wedding was a bad wedding. It was not an elegant affair--we were poor as churchmice at the time! I am embarrassed to share the details with you. But trust me: almost anyone would call it a bad wedding. Yet everything about it was utterly magical to US. It was an unforgettable event that changed us forever. We did re-new our vows later on when we were better off financially, and at this ceremony my husband replaced the original cheap wedding ring (which had broken!)with something more substantial. But it's the first wedding day that we look back on with wonderment.

PS: It's been 15 years, and though the wedding may not have been first class, the marriage is GOLDEN.

TMH256 said...

Oh, thank you so much for sharing that!! Such positive proof that the wedding day judgements need to be thrown out the window. I'm so glad your day(s) were special for you and even happier that fifteen years later, you have a wonderful marriage. Congratulations and thanks again!